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The exact value of sin 22.5 is 0.382683432

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Q: What is the exact value or sin 22.5?
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Identities to find the exact value of sin 75?

what is the value of sin 75 degree

What is the value of sin 24 degrees?

The exact value is 0.40673664.

What is the exact value of sin 405?

sin(405) = square root of 2 divided by 2 which is about 0.7071067812

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Depending on condition, and exact model, anywhere from $225-$350.

What is exact value sin480degrees?

sin 480° is equal to sin 60°, which is sqrt(3)/2 or approximately 0.866.

What is the value of sin60?

sin(60 degrees) = 0.8660 approx. The exact value is sqrt(3)/2.

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$150-$225, depending on condition, exact model, etc.

What is 225 divide by 48 equal to?

225/48 = 4.6875 (exact)

Using exact values find the numerical value of sin 30 degrees cos 240 degrees plus sin 210 degrees sin 300 degrees?

SQRT(3)/4 - 1/4

What is the sin of 1305 degrees?

sin(1,305) = sin(225) = -0.70711 (rounded) = 1/2 of the negative square root of 2.

What is the exact value of sin 135?

1/squareroot2 ummm, yes, but be aware that square root 2 is an irrational number that has *no* exact value. So your question cannot be answered in the terms you asked it. You can use a calculator to get as much precision as you want, but never an *exact* answer.

What is the exact value of tan 330?

The inexact value of tan 330 is -0.577350, to six significant places. The exact value cannot be represented as a single number because it is a non terminating decimal. To represent it exactly, consider that tan x is sin x over cos x, and that sin 330 is -0.5 and cos 330 is square root of 0.75. As a result, the exact value of tan 330 is -0.5 divided by square root of 0.75.

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