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A cylinder with a radius of 7 meters and a height of 8.4 meters has a volume of 1,293.08 cubic meters (m3).

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Q: What is the volume of a cylinder with the height of 8.4 m and a radius of 7 m?
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The volume of a right circular cylinder can be approximated as follows:Volume = rrn;where r is the radius of the cylinder and h is the height of the cylinder, n is a constant that is roughly equal to 3.cylinder with a radius of 2 meters and a height?

on apex it would be 84m^3 :)

What is volume for cylinder 32 inch high and 84 inch circumference?

The volume of a cylinder is pi*(radius)^2*height. We are not given the radius here, but we know the circumference. Circumference is 2*pi*radius. So radius is equal to the circumference/(2*pi). We can then substitute this into the equation for volume to get: V=pi*(circumference/(2*pi))^2*height=(circumference)^2/(4*pi)*height._________________________________________________________________For your problem we have circumference=84 inches and height=32 inches. So:(84 inches)^2/(4*pi)*32 inches=7056 square inches/(4*pi)*32 inches=1764 square inches/pi*32 inches=56448 cubic inches/pi=17967.9564553 cubic inches which is about 17968 cubic inches.

Using a simple approximation above calculate the volume of a right circular cylinder with a radius of 2 meters and a height of 9 meters?


How many gallons will a tank hold if it has a 5 Foot diameter and is 7 foot tall?

1028.1567 gallons Volume of a cylinder is (Pi) x (radius of cylinder)2 x (height of cylinder) There are 231 cubic inches in 1 gallon, so I converted the feet to inches prior to calculating the volume. Therefore: Volume=(3.14159)(30)2(84)=237504.2 inches3 Divide that by 231 and you get 1028.1567 gallons.

What is the volume of a cylinder shaped wood with circumference of 48 inch and height of 7 feet?

Circumference = 48 = 2*pi*r inches so radius = 48/(2*pi) = 24/pi = 7.64 in Also, height = 7 ft = 12*7 = 84 inches Then volume = pi*r2*h = pi*(7.64)2*8 = 15401 cubic inches, approx or 8.91 cu ft.

What is the square footage of columns 84 inches tall and 26 inches around?

Assuming you are asking for the surface area of a cylinder of height 84 in and circumference (of end) of 26 in: 12 in = 1 ft circumference = 2 x π x radius → radius = circumference ÷ (2 x π) surface_area = 2 x area_of_ends + curved_area = 2 x π x radius2 + height x circumference = 2 x π x (circumference ÷ (2 x π))2 + height x circumference = circumference2 ÷ (2 x π) + height x circumference = (26 ÷ 12 ft)2 ÷ (2 x π) + (84 ÷ 12 ft) x (26 ÷ 12 ft) ≈ 15.91 sq ft

What is the volume of a cylinder with these measurements r equals 20 height equals 84?

The solution is derived as follows:First, the formula for determining volume is V=(pi)r2hNext, substitute values for the various components:(pi) = 3.141592654 r = 20 h = 84So... v = (3.141592654)(202)(84) = (3.141592654)(400)(84)When solved completely, v = 105,557.51 units(Since no actual unit of measure was listed (inches, centimetres, etc.), I simply used "units" in their place.)

What is the height of a parallelogram with base 7 meters and area 84 square meters?

area = 1/2 base x height =84 height = 84/7 = 12 meters

What is the base of a triangle that has an area of 84 ft?

That will depend on the height of the triangle which has not been given. Base = (84*2)/height

How many cubic inches in a circle 84' BY 12?

For a start it wont be cubic inches because a circle is 2D BUT if u mean there is a cylinder 12" long which has a cross sectional area or 84" then the volume will be 1008 cm cubed

How many gallons of water are in a tank 84 inches in diameter by 20 feet high when the water is 16 feet deep?

Volume of Cylinder = π(Diameter, ft)2 (Height, ft)Take note of the formula4convert 84 inches in feet84in=7ftπ (7ft)2 * 16-4 = π *49*16-4= 3.142*12.25*16=615.832 Gallons

What is the volume in cubic yards of a cylinder 38 feet in diameter and 84 feet high?

There are three feet in one yard so you must first convert the dimensions to yards. The diameter would be 12 2/3 yards and the height would be 28 yards. V= 14, 106.27 cubic yards

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