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They are 3.98 and 3.99

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3.98 3.99

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3.98, 3.99

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Q: What two 2 place decimal numbers are greater than 3.97 but les than 4.00?
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Is 0.009 greater than 0.04?

No, 0.04 is the larger number because it has less numbers after the decimal place.

Is decimal number greater than a negative number?

Positive numbers are greater than negative numbers. Decimals can be either positive or negative.

Is 8.3 greater than 8.37?

No, 8.3 is less than 8.37. When determining which decimal is greater, look at the first number after the decimal point, and whichever number is bigger is the bigger decimal. If both numbers are the same (like in this case) move on to the second decimal place. If there isn't a number in the second decimal place, like with 8.3, assume it's a zero. Since 7 is greater than 0, that makes 8.37 greater than 8.30.

Is the sum of 45.3 and 3.21 greater than or less than 48?

The numbers before the decimal points add to 48 so any numbers greater than 0 after the decimal makes the sum greater than 48

Is 0.2673 greater than or less than 0.2562?

0.2673 is greater. Look at numbers after decimal; 26 is greater than 25

Which decimal is greater 5.4 or 5.25?

the decimal 5.4 is greater because even though 5.25 has a bigger number like 25 than 4, in both of those numbers tens place there is a 4 and a 2 and a 4 has a greater value than the 2.

What decimal number is greater than 23.7?

There are an infinite amount of decimal numbers that are greater than 23.7 is. For example: 23.71 1235.778 6863376335688.0009844 25.01

Is 0.543 greater than 0.534?

Yes, it is. If all the numbers before the decimal are the same, look after the decimal to see which is greater

What decimal is less than 0.5 but greater than 0.01?

Any decimal numbers with two decimal places from 0.02 to 0.49 inclusive.

Is 0.8 Greater than 0.53?

Yes. For decimal numbers with no significant digit to the left of the decimal point, if the first of two numbers has a higher digit next right from the decimal point than the second number does, the first is always greater.

What The sum of two decimals greater than 0.5 is always greater than 1?

The sum of two decimal numbers greater than 0.5 will always be greater than 1

How do you add decimals together?

to add decimals: -line up the decimal points -then starting at the farthest place to the right, add the decimal in each place -if the sum of the digits in a place are greater than nine,regroup the number to the place to its left. -check the sum by writing each decimal as an equivalent fraction and then adding these numbers or mixed numbers.

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