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When reactants and products are gases at STP

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Q: When can all the coefficients in a balanced equation represent volume ratios?
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What do the coefficients in a balanced chemical equation represent?

Represents the mole ratios between any two substance

The coefficients from a balanced equation are used to write conversion factors called?

mole ratios

How do you determine the stoichiometry of a reaction?

To determine the stoichiometry of a reaction, you must first write out a balanced equation describing the reaction and then use the coefficients of this statement to represent molar ratios.

What is the importance of coefficients in a balanced chemical equation?

It shows the exact ratios of the reagents to the products of a particular reaction.

How are coefficients in a balanced equation related to mole ratios?

Coefficients are the mole ratios. 2 H2 + O2 -> 2 H2O gives a mole ratio of 2 mole hydrogen : 1 more oxygen : 2 mole water

How is a mole ratio written?

The coefficients in a balanced equation can be used to write a molar ratio. Molar ratios are conversion factors. Hope this helps

What gets written into a chemical reaction when it is balanced?

In a complete and correctly balanced chemical equation you will have the coefficients for each reactant and product indicating the mole ratios as well as the phases of each reactant and product.

Why must the subscripts not be changed when an equation is balanced?

Changing the subscripts would change the chemical makeup. If you change only the coefficients, you're only changing the ratios of the reactants/products.

How do mole ratios compare to volume ratios for gaseous reactants and products in a balanced chemical equation?

At constant temperature and pressure the ratios are equal.

What does balanced equation describe?

Chemical Bonds Its mole ratios not chemical bonds

What doese a coefficient tell you?

In chemistry, a coefficient in front of a chemical formula tells you how many moles you have. When balancing a chemical equation, the law of conservation of matter must be upheld. To do this, you add coefficients as needed, and these coefficients represent mole ratios of either reactants or products.

What are Stoichiometric mole to mole conversions?

In stoichiometric mole to mole conversions you use the ratio of the coefficients from a balanced equation in combination with information given from a problem or procedure. You use the ratios to cross multiple and divide to find the unknown quantity.

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