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all individuals should be responsible for feeding themselves.

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The U.S. Constitution guarantees free speech to all citizens.


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Q: Which statement best represents a counterclaim to the claim made in this passage?
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What best describes the author's use of a claim and a counterclaim in the passage?

The authors claim is not supported by strong evidence

What is the definition of opposing claim?

An opposing claim is a claim against your thesis statement. A counterclaim goes along with an opposing claim that proves or shows evidence as to why your opposing claim is what it is.

What is a Response to a counterclaim?

a cross claim

How would you refute an author's claim with a counterclaim?

To refute a claim with a counterclaim, you must support your argument with evidence to ensure the validity of your claims.

What is definition of plaintiff by counterclaim?

If you are the plaintiff by counterclaim - that means you were the defendant in a previous claim and are now offsetting that claim with a counterclaim. You reverse your role with this action and point the finger back at the original plaintiff.

What is a counterclaimant?

A counterclaim is a claim (lawsuit) made by a defendant (the person getting sued). Often times, if a person is taken to court they will file a claim against the person suing them. This is called a counterclaim. The person making the counterclaim is the counterclaimant.

Is a counterclaim to this historian's claim?

We don't know who "this" historian is so we don't have the answer.

Who must show fault in a claim for negligence?

The burden of proof is upon the party asserting the claim. That person or entity is usually called the Plaintiff, but in some jurisdictions may be called the Claimant. If the person or entity being sued (usually called the Defendant) asserts a claim back (a counterclaim) against the Plaintiff, he/she/it has the burden of proof with respect to the allegations of the counterclaim.

What is a word for the prefix claim?

Claim is usually given a prefix, not used as one. Some prefixes for the word claim below: disclaim, reclaim, overclaim, counterclaim, exclaim, acclaim, proclaim

When should you consider modifying your claim in an argumentative research essay?

When you find yourself agreeing with a counterclaim that is made by your opponent. APEX

What is an arguable statement?


What is arguable statement?


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