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I dont no

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What do you mean you don't know
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Q: A leisurely walk add one letter after the a?
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What is the approximate of ambled?

An "amble" is a gentle stroll where you take your time to enjoy the surroundings as you go from one place to another. An unhurried or leisurely walk.

What is the definition of amble?

intr.v., -bled, -bling, -bles.To walk slowly or leisurely; stroll.To move along at an easy gait by using both legs on one side alternately with both on the other. Used of a horse.n.An unhurried or leisurely walk.An easy gait, especially that of a horse.

What is something you sit on that you add one more letter to kit?

Something that you sit on add one letter to kit

What is able when you add one letter after the a?


What word do you get if you add one letter to favor?

If you add l you get flavour, but if you add s you get favours.

What are the benefits of using a gentle leader head collar for dogs?

There are several benefits of using a gentle leader head collar for dogs. By using this product, one can walk their dog without the dog jumping, lunging, and pulling, and instead have a nice leisurely walk.

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What will be the answer if you add one letter to hate to get a word meaning hurry?

Add S to get haste.

What is a four letter word a word you say to make an animal go away add one letter?

Shoo- or add the letter T to get shoot.

What sense allows you to see when you add one letter to sigh?

When you add the letter 't' to the word 'sigh', you get 'sight', which is the sense of seeing.

What is a 3 letter 1 syllable word that when you add one letter to the end of it you get a four letter three syllable word?

Are is the three letter word. Add an A to the end and you have Area.

What is the letter sequence of a d e h u?

The obvious one is "L" as you start with A then add 3 letters = D, then add 1 letter = E, then add 3 letters = H, then add 1 letter = I, then add 3 letters = L.

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The letter 'G'

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What is a four letter word for to walk slowly favoring one leg?


What is a padnag?

A padnag is a person who is an ambling nag.

What costs nothing. add one letter to few?


How do you make apple sauce add one letter to lap?

i do not know what what what what

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