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Divide 3 inches in 5 equal parts

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Divide three into five equal parts

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Q: Divide 3 into 5 equal parts?
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How do you divide a 6by4 rectangle in to 5 equal parts?

You divide it into parts of 1.2by4

How do you divide 4 fifths in 3 equal parts?

(4/5) / 3 = 4/15

How do you divide a rectangle by 5 equal parts?

Select any one side and divide its length into 5 equal parts. Draw lines that are parallel to the adjacent side to the opposite side. This will divide the rectangle into 5 equal strips.

How do you divide 12.5 into 5 equal parts?

12.5 ÷ 5 = 2.5

How can we divide a line segment into 5 equal parts?


How do you divide a square into 5 equal parts?

Select any one side. Divide its length into 5 equal parts. Do the same to the opposite side. Join the corresponding divisions. You will then have 5 equal rectangular divisions of the square.

How Can you Divide 105 Into 5 Equal Parts?

Try 105/5 = 21

What is the answer if you divide a meter into 5 equal parts?

5*20 cm = 1 meter

Are there ways to divide a circle into 5 equal parts using a tape measure?


How do you draw a square with 5 equal parts?

Divide the square into five strips.

How do you show two fifths of a rectangle?

divide the rectangle into 5 equal parts. Shade two of those parts.

Can you divide a pentagon into 3 equal parts?

A pentagon is a polygon with 5 sides. It can be divided into three triangles with an angle sum of 180 degrees each.

How do you divide a circle in to 5 equal parts?

The number of degrees in one complete revolution of a radius is 360°. Therefore the number of degrees covered in 1/5 of a revolution is 72° . To divide a circle into 5 equal parts create 5 sectors each measuring 72° at the centre of the circle.

Can 48 be made with 5 equal rows?

48 ÷ 5 = 9 remainder 3 No, unless the remaining 3 are split into 5 equal parts each and 3 of those parts are added to each row.

What are the 10 ways to divide a square into 2 equal parts?


How do you divide rectangle into 4 equal parts in 5 different ways?

In complete sentnces, explain why you can cut the rectangles into different shapes and still have four equal parts.

How do you geometrically divide a rectangle into 5 equal parts?

Divide the longer edge (or shorter one, for that matter) by 5, mark the 4 spots along the edge going by the answer of your division, and there you have it.

How do you divide 31 inches in 5 equal parts?

Make each part exactly 3.2 inches long.

How many equal parts are there when you divide a figure into fifths?


Divide the clock into three parts so that the sum of number in each part is equal to the other two parts?

First, work out the sum of all numbers and divide by three. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12=78. 78/3=26. This means each part needs to equal 26. To get equal parts you need to divide the clock into thirds. 11+12+1+2=26, 5+6+7+8=26, leaving 10+9+3+4=26 in the middle.

Is three fifths equal to nine fifteens?

yes because if you cancel 9/15 down it will equal 3/5 e.g 9/15 divide 3 both sides equal 3/5

Which is greater 1 5 or 1 2?

If you have 2 apples. you divide the first into 5 equal parts, the second apple you divide into 2 equal parts. Which is greater? One piece from the first apple? or one piece from the second apple? 1/2 is the greater. regards.

What is 5 eighth's of an inch?

If you divide one inch into 8 equal parts then 5/8 of an inch is the length of 5 of those parts added together, that is 0.625 of an inch, or 15.875 millimeters.

How do you divide a square into 5 equal squares?


Write the division expression as a fraction 5 divide by 15=?

5 divided by 15 is equal to 1/3

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