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this is easy. each dozen has 12 eggs in it. so you have 2 dozen. 24 eggs. and half of 12 is six.

24+6 eggs is 30 eggs

so in 2.5 dozen eggs there are 30 eggs
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Q: Eggs in 2.5 dozen
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Grammar a dozen of eggs or a dozen eggs?

a dozen eggs

Cost of dozen eggs in US in 1922?

Around 25 cents a dozen. Price varied by region.

How many eggs in numbers is a dozen eggs?

12 eggs= a dozen

What part of a dozen are three eggs?

one quarter of a dozen eggs is three eggs.

How many eggs are there in two dozen?

24 eggs are the equivalent of two dozen eggs. A dozen is 12, while a baker's dozen is 13.

How many servings are in a dozen of eggs?

there are 12 servings of eggs in an dozen of eggs.

How many eggs are in 18000 dozen?

There are 216,000 eggs in 18,000 dozen. 12 eggs in a dozen * 18,000 = 216,000

How many dozen eggs are in 42 eggs?

3.5 dozen.

How much are eggs per dozen?

A dozen is 12, So eggs per dozen is 12 eggs.

2 dozen eggs are?

2 dozen eggs are 24 eggs! That was easy!

How many dozen eggs are in 14880 eggs?

There are: 14880/12 = 1240 dozen eggs

what part of a dozen is three eggs?

One-quarter of a dozen eggs is three eggs.

How many eggs are in 2 and quarter dozen?

A dozen eggs means 12 eggs. So 2.5*12 = 27.A dozen eggs is the same as 12 eggsHalf a dozen eggs is 6 eggsA quarter of a dozen is 3 eggs so2 and a quarter dozen = 2x12 =24 +3 =27

How many eggs in half a dozen?

there are six eggs in a half dozen. 12 in a whole dozen.

How much was a dozen eggs in 1994?

A dozen of eggs in 1994 was $0.87

How many eggs is in 2 dozen?

24, a dozen = 12 eggs

How much was a dozen of eggs in 1990?

There were twelves eggs in a dozen in 1990.

How many eggs are in seventeen dozen?

There are 204 eggs in 17 dozen.

Price of eggs per dozen?

The price of eggs per dozen will vary depending on location, store, and size of the eggs. On average, a dozen of medium eggs cost about $1.25 per dozen.

Price of eggs per dozen in the year 1920?

Do to WWI, prices on some items more than doubled. A dozen eggs in 1920 was 47 cents. In 1925 it was 25 cents.

How many eggs does it take to make a dozen?

it takes 12 eggs to make a dozen A dozen eggs is the same as twelve eggs. If you have 12 eggs you formaly have a dozen. It takes 24 eggs to make a dozen two-egg omlettes. Depending on your recipe, it may take anywhere from 4 to 12 eggs to make a dozen glasses of eggnog.

How many eggs are in a dozen eggs?

1 dozen means 12, so it is 12 eggs.

How many dozen of eggs are in 144 items?

144 eggs is 12 dozen eggs. This is called a gross of eggs.

What was the Cost of a dozen eggs in 2001?

Today, you can purchase a dozen of eggs for about 3 dollars. In 2001 a dozen of eggs cost about 90 cents.

How many eggs is 50 percent of a dozen?

1 dozen eggs = 12 eggs 50% = 1/2 Half of one dozen eggs = 6 eggs