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2x squared plus 2x plus xy plus y or

2x(x+1) + y(x+1) or


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(x + 1)(2x + y)

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Q: Factor 2x squared plus 2x plus xy plus y?
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Factor 2x squared - 2x plus xy - y?


Factor 2x squared -2x plus xy-y?


Factor 4x squared plus 4x plus 2xy plus 2y?

2 (2x2 + 2x + xy + y ) it's 2 (2x + y)(x + 1) if you're doing A+

What is the factor of 2x2-2x plus xy-y?

(x - 1)(2x + y)

Factor X squared y plus axy plus abx plus a squared b?

x2y + axy + abx + a2b Factor by grouping. xy(x + a) + ab(x + a) (xy + ab)(x + a)

Factor xy plus 2x plus 4y plus 8?

xy plus 2x plus 4y plus 8 or (xy+2x) + (4y+8) or x(y+2) + 4(y+2) or (x+4)(y+2)

How do you factor x squared plus xy?

Divide by 'x'; x2+xy/x = x(x+y)

Factor xy-2x plus 4y-8?

(x + 4)(y - 2)

Factor xy - 2x plus 4y - 8?

(x + 4)(y - 2)

How do you factor xy-2x plus 4y-8?

(x + 4)(y - 2)

What is the complete factor of 6x3y plus 5x2y2-6xy3?

xy(3x - 2y)(2x + 3y)

What is xy cubed z squared plus y squared z plus xyz completely factorised?

The only common factor to all terms is yz. → xy³z² + y²z + xyz = yz(xy²z + y + x)

Factor completely xy - 2x plus 4y -8?

xy-2x+4y-8 x(y-2)+4(y-2) (x+4)(y-2)

How do you factor x squared plus 8x-xy-8y?


What is xy minus 2x plus 4y minus 8?

(y-2) (x+4)

What is the GCF of x squared y and xy squared?

The GCF is xy

How do you factor 2x2-xy-3y2?

(2x - 3y)(x + y)

How do you factor xy x squared y?

If that's xy + x^2y, it factors to xy(x + 1) If it's something else, please re-submit your question with any plus signs written out.

Factor 2xy - 4x plus 8y - 16?

( 2xy - 4x ) + ( 8y - 16)2 ( xy - 2x ) + 2 ( 4y - 8 ) Answer

How do you factor xy squared-x?

x(y - 1)(y + 1)

Factor x squared y - xyb - abx plus ab squared?

Factor by grouping. x2y - xyb - abx + ab2 The first two can factor out an xy, so xy(x - b) The second two can factor out a -ab, so -ab(x - b) and we have xy(x - b) - ab(x - b) Since what is inside the parentheses is alike, we can be assured that we have factored correctly and now continue to group: ANS: (x - b)(xy - ab)

What is the Greatest common factor of x squared times y and x times y squared?

The GCF is xy.

What is the square rootof xsquared plus 2 xy plus y squared?


How do you rewrite this equation so that y is a function of x 2x plus y equals 7?

y=f(x)= x(2x+y)=7 f(x)=2x^2 +xy -7 = 0 y=2x^2 +xy -7 y-xy -7 + 2x^2 = 0 y(1-x)=2x^2-7 y=(2x^2-7) / (1-x) Excuse the working. Y equals 2 X squared minus 7 all divided by 1-X

Factor 2 plus 2y plus x plus xy?