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Doctors use these to fill perscriptions and see your anatomys' levels and stats.

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we have to give medicince to our patience and using fractions and decimals.

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Q: How do doctors use fractions decimals and percents in their work?
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How do accountants use fractions?

Accountants typically convert fractions to decimals. They do this by dividing the fractions and getting a decimal number. Decimals are easier to work with in accounting.

Is it easier to work with fractions or decimals?

Decimals until you get to values with over nine decimal places, then fractions are more exact

Why is it easier to use fractions or decimals insted of percentages?

Because that it s harder to work out percentages than fractions and decimals

What is the use of fractions?

Fractions (as well as decimals) are used to work with numbers that are not exact integers.

How do veterinarians write fractions as decimals in their work?

In much the same way as anyone writes decimals.

Definition of standard form in math?

Both x and y need to be on one side of the equation, and have they cannot contain fractions, decimals, or percents (0.5x+2y=3 DOES NOT WORK). X must be positive.

How do doctors use fractions in their work?

Eating her

What is the definition of the communative property of addition usind decimals?

The property is the same, whether you work with integers, decimals, or fractions.

What is a situation in which decimals seem to work better than fractions?

when you are trying to find a price

What is a situation in which you would use fractions to express a number less than one What is a situation in which decimals seem to work better?

The fraction 1/3=0.3333333... In this case it is better to use fractions just like in all cases. There will be no case when decimals will work better than fractions however, if a test says to use decimals; USE THEM!

What fraction is smaller than 1-4?


What is a situation in which decimals seem to work better than fractions to express a number less than one?


Why is integers useful?

Integers are whole numbers without decimals or fractions which are useful because calculations are easier to work out.

How can you calculate fractions on a calculator?

A fraction can be turned into a decimal figure. Divide the bottom into the top to get your decimal figure. Then work in decimals.

What is a situation in which you would use fractions to express a number less than 1 What is a situation in which decimal seem to work better Math?

Whether fractions work better than decimals or less as well is very much a question of your preference.

Why should you clear fractions and decimals when soloving linear equations?

There is absolutely no REQUIREMENT to do so. It is simply that many people prefer to work with whole numbers.

How do you explain how consecutive whole numbers work in decimals to a 11 year old?

Whole numbers do not contain decimals or fractions because they are integers in the form of: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 .... etc

How does integers work?

integers are any number number on a number line and do not have fractions or decimals. They could be any thing from -7 to 3 to 10000000000 or -3475848569. Welcome!

How do you add fractions on the ti 84 plus?

With the latest TI-84 updates, you can work with fractions as actual fractions - not operators or decimals. To insert a fraction press Alpha > F1 > 1:n/d. Enter a couple of numbers, press the "+" sign, do it again, press enter, and you will get your answer!

Divide decimals by decimals and show the work?

4/5 in a decimal

How do you work out a mathematical ratio?

Mathematical ratios are similar to fractions or decimals. It is the comparison between 2 different number of objects on either side to determine the equality between the two.

Can you have a decimal in a ratio?

Yes. But people who are mathematically challenged may not want to work with fractions and decimals at the same time. You may be better off re-scaling the ratio to get rid of the decimal.

What can go into 8 and 48?

If you accept fractions and decimals, there are an infinite number of them.If you want to stick to only positive whole numbers, then only 1, 2, 4, and 8 will work.

Do doctors work on a boat?

No, mechanics work on boats, doctors work on people.

How is maths related to banks?

Mainly counting your money and to give money to people. You definitely have to know how to work with percentages, decimals, and fractions. Being an accountant is an excellent example for people needing math.