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That would depend what information you are given. The cost of floor tiling is often already expressed per square meter. If you know the total cost of a certain floor, you can divide by the area to get the cost per square meter.

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You calculate the total area in square metres.You calculate the total cost.

Divide the second by the first and you have the cost per square metre.

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Q: How do you calculate cost per sq meters?
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How do you calculate the cost of a building by the sq ft if the building is 3000 sq ft and the cost is 10.00 sq ft?

3000 sq-ft multiplied by $10=$30,000 (you would multiply your square-footage by your cost per sq-ft)

How many sq meters in 266 sq ft?

266 sq ft converts to 24.7122 sq meters (@0.092903 sq meters per sq foot).

What would an cost if it was 3065200 sq ft at 1.23 per sq?

The answer depends on 1.23 per sq WHAT!

What is the cost of tiling a room 7.25 meters by 4 meters if tiles are 36 a square meter?

1044. you have 29sq meters, x 39 per sq meter = 1044

Average cost per sq foot to paint?

$ 1.50 per sq ft.

How many sq meters in acre?

4,046.86 square meters per acre.

How do you calculate cost for basic offset printing cost?

First you should calculate paper cost (height X width X gsm(grams per sq mtr)) / 1550 = weight of 1 sheet (in grams) then you can calculate total sheets cost then printing.............................

How do you calculate the total cost when your square footage is 150 sq ft and you are covering it with carpet that costs 3.99 per sq ft?

well you multiply 150 times 3.99

What is the average cost for carpet per sq ft?

$20 per yard would be $2.22 per sq ft.

If 1 sq ft costs 6 dollars what would it cost for 10 sq meters?


If you have 14933 sq ft at a cost of 4007.00 total how many sq ft per?

i get $3.72 per sq ft $3.72 per sq ft would be $55550.76 . The correct answer is 26.8 cents per sq ft.

50 meters Sq in sq feet?

10 sq. meters = 107.639104 sq. feet50 sq. meters = 538.195521 sq. feet

How many square-meters make 1 acre?

4,046.85 sq meters per acre.

How do you calculate 200 sq meters to sq feet?

Multiply the number of square meters by 10.7639 to get square feet. In this case, 200 x 10.7639 = 2,152.782 square feet.

What is 24 sq ft in sq meters?

2.23 sq meters.

How you calculate the carpet weight?

5 pounds per sq yard

What is the average cost per sq ft of a tic in san francisco compared to the average cost per sq ft condo?

A local realtor can answer your question.

How much does it cost to install a central air conditioner per sq ft?

How much does it cost to install a central air conditioner per sq foot

What is the construction cost per square foot in Miami?

cbs construction what is the cost per sq ft.

What is the labor cost per sq ft wood framing?

25 to 30 per sq ft including materials

What is 320sq ft in sq meters?

1 sq. ft.= .09290304 sq. meters, so 320 sq. ft.= 29.728973 sq. meters.

929 sq meters is what per cent to a acre?

929 square meters is 22.95609% of one acre.

What is 1800 sq feet in sq meters?

1800 sq feet in sq meters = 60

What is 2200 sq ft converted to sq meters?

204.3867 sq meters.

How many sq ft in 6000 sq meters?

557.41824 sq meters