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It is: 1 and 2/3 = 5/3 as an improper fraction

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Q: How do you convert 1.666 repeating into a fraction?
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What is the fraction of 1666?

fraction of 1666 = 1666/1

How do you convert 0.2 a repeating decimal into a fraction?

0.2 a repeating decimal into a fraction = 2/9

How do you convert 0.6 repeating to a fraction?

0.6666 repeating = 2/3

How do you convert a repeating 9 decimal into a fraction?

0.999 repeating = 1 (the integer).

How do you convert repeating decimal 1.9 to a fraction?


How can you convert a repeating decimal to a fraction?

Just have a go.

How do you convert 0.57 repeating as a fraction?


How do you convert 0.6 repeating into a fraction?

It is 2/3.

Why are negative repeating decimals, rational?

If you convert repeating decimals into a fraction, you see that the repeating decimals are rational.

How do you convert 0.5 repeating as a fraction?

0.555555555... = 5/9

How do you convert a repeating decimal 0.123 into a fraction?


How do you convert the repeating decimal 0.998 into a fraction?


How do you convert 1 3 as a fraction into a decimal?

0.3333 repeating

How do you convert repeating decimal into a fraction?

an example of a repeating decimal is this case the fraction is 1/3 another example is 0.66666666666 and the fraction is 2/3

What is 5 repeating into a fraction?

To convert a one digit repeating decimal, make a fraction of that digit over 9, so 55/99 = 5/9 You can convert any repeating digits by putting them over the same number of 9s.

How do you convert fractions to repeating decimals?

To convert a fraction to a decimal, divide the top number by the bottom number.

How do you convert 5 fraction 36 to a decimal?

5/36 = 0.138888(repeating)

How do you convert a repeating decimal 0.123 as a fraction?

123/999 = 41/333

What can I do if I get a repeating decimal?

You can round the decimal fraction to a suitable level of accuracy. Alternatively, you can convert the number to a rational fraction.

How convert 7.1 repeating into a fraction?

7.11111...=7 1/9 or 64/9

How do you convert 0.16 repeating as a fraction?

0.161616... = 16/99 which cannot be simplified.

How do you convert 1.1111 to a fraction?

1.1111 = 11111/10000 1.1111 repeating = 10/9

What is 14 repeating as a fraction?

0.14 repeating as a fraction = 14/99

What is 1.2 repeating as a fraction?

1.2 repeating as a fraction = 11/9

What is the fraction of repeating 4?

The fraction for .4 repeating is 2/5.

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