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How to make trapezium shape using the 6 pieces of tangram

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yes, it's possible

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how do I know and I'm the asker.

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Q: How do you make a trapezoid out of six pieces on tangrams?
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Is it possible to make a parallelogram out of six tangrams?

The right way. :)

How can you make a trapezoid and a triangle make six sides?

make it have six sides

Can a trapezoid be a hexagon?

No. A trapezoid is a shape with four sides, while a hexagon is a shape with six sides.

How many pieces of a pie can you make with 3 cuts?

One to Six

Does a trapezoid have six sides?

No, they have four sides. They are Quadrilaterals. A hexagon is the one with six sides.

How do you make a 6 piece tangram into a rectangle?

It depends on the shape of the six pieces.

How do you combine a square and a trapezoid and how many sides does it have?

the answer to this question is six

How is hexagon is different from trapezoid?

A hexagon has six sides, a trapezium has 4.

What are the names of the six quadrilaterals?

Rhombus, Rectangle, Square, Kite, Parallelogram, and Trapezoid.

What are the release dates for Six Easy Pieces - 1977?

Six Easy Pieces - 1977 was released on: USA: 1977

What is the adjective in this sentence Can you cut the pie into six pieces?


What are six shapes that have four sides?

All of these are varieties of quadrilaterals. Some include: squares rectangles rhombus (diamond) trapezoid parallelogram kite isoceles trapezoid

Which one is not an quadrilateral parrellogram rectangle trapezoid hexagon?

Quad = Four, Hex = Six...

How do you say six pieces geese with in french?

Six oies pièce

What are the four types of quadrangles?

There are actually six: Parallelogram, Rhombus, Rectangle, Square, Trapezoid and Kite

What are six pieces of iron metal?

usualllyIphasesthat containDON'Twellproblemmethicknowsee

How can you divide six lemons among seven hungry people?

Divide each lemon into seven pieces - and give six pieces to each of the seven people !

How do you cut a pie evenly into seven pieces?

It is not possible to cut a pie into seven pieces of equal area. Eight pieces and six pieces can both readily be done.

If there are 11 crackers in a box and each cracker can be split into six equal pieces if all the crackers are split into pieces how many pieces will there be?


What does Cest une maison de six pieces mean in English?

a six-roomed house

How can you divide two pizzas among six people?

Cut it into six pieces of equal size.

Sasha is making some shelves which are 75.5 cm long if the wood she is using is 180 cm long how many pieces will she need to make six shelves?

She will need three pieces, as she will be able to make two shelves with each piece of wood.

How do you find the surface area of a 3d trapezoid?

You find the surface area of each of its six faces and add them together.

What do the six quadrilaterals look like?

Square, Rectangle, Rhombus, trapezoid, kite, Parallelogram. Unfortunately I can not draw them here.

What were the original eleven game pieces in monopoly?

There were originally six pieces in the game of Monopoly. The pieces were the iron, top hat, thimble, shoe, cannon and battleship.

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