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You can work out three quarters of something by dividing by the numerator (bottom number) which would be 4 by the number you are finding three quarters of. Then you would times the answer of that by the denominator (Top number) and you will have the answer.

For example:

3/4 of 60

60 divided by 4 = 15

15 times 3 = 45

So, 3/4 of 60 = 45

Or you could find a quarter of the number and take the quarter away from the whole number.

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Q: How do you work out three quarters of something?
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How do you work out three quarters of a meter?

Three quarters of a metre = 0.75 metres.

How do you work out three quarters of handicap?

There is no such thing as having three-quarters of a handicap

How do you work out three quarters of 120?

three quarters of 120=90120/4=3030*3= 90

How many quarters are in three quarters?

There are three quarters in three quarters.

How many inches are in three-fourths?

That depends what it is three quarters of. If it is three quarters of a foot, there are 9 inches. If it is three quarters of an inch, it is three quarters of an inch.

Is two quarters more than three quarters?

No, three quarters is more than two quarters.

What is half of 3 quarters?

To work this out you need to amend the fraction to one that can be halved.Three quarters is the same as six eighths, now you can work out the answer.Three eighths is half of three quarters.

What is greater three fourths or one half?

Three fourths is three quarters One half is two quarters. Three quarters is greater than two quarters.

What is the word for three quarters of a circle?

Three quarters of a circle !

When is one half of something larger than three quarters of something else?

When you cut a car in half, and then take three-fourths of a piece of bread.

How many quarters in five three quarters?

Assuming the question refers to 5 and three quarters, there are 20 quarters in 5 and three more so 23.

How many quarters in two and three quarters?

11 quarters

How many quarters are in 5 and three quarters?

23 quarters

How do you work out 3 quarters of 100?

A quarter of 100 (.25 x 100) is 25. Three quarters (3 x 25) is 75 Check the answer: one quarter..........25 + three quarters...75 Total.................100

How do you figure three quarters of something?

a quarter is a fourth (1/4). 3 quarters is 3/4 = 0.75 Think of money: 3 quarters is 75 cents (0.75). To find three quarters of some number, mulitply by 3, then divide by 4 Or you can multiply by 0.75

What fraction is bigger. Two thirds or three quarters?

three quarters

What is three quarters add three quarters?

1 1/2

How many quarters are there in three and the half?

There are fourteen quarters in three and a half

What is three-quarters of 4?

Three quarters of 4 is three

How many quarters in three quarters?


What is 2 percent of three quarters?

2 percent of three quarters is 0.015.

How is three quarters of an hour written?

Three-quarters of an hour = 45 minutes

What is one half plus three quarters equal to?

one and three quarters

What is three quarters of four?


How many quarters in seven and three quarters?