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1 billion seconds is about 31 years and 215.56 days

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31 years 215 days

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Q: How long is a billion seconds?
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How long ago was a billion seconds ago?

A billion seconds is 31 years.A billion seconds ago was in the year 1978.

How long is nine billion seconds?

all you have to do is 9 billion x 60 (60 seconds) and then you will have your answer.

How long does it take to count to 1 billion?

1 billion seconds?

How long is 1billion seconds?

1 billion seconds is 32 years

How long would it take to count to two billion?

2 billion seconds

How long would it take you to count 4.5 billion pennies?

4.5 billion seconds.

How many seconds are in 1 billion seconds?

The clue is in the question - in 1 billion seconds, there are 1 billion seconds!

How long is a billion seconds in minutes?

16,666,666and 2/3

How long is 8 billion seconds?

y do u wanna no?

How long will it take to spend a billion dollars if you spend a dollar a second?

A billion seconds!!16 666 666.7 Minutes

How long is one billion second in years?

Google Calculator: 1 billion seconds = 31.6887646 years

How many seconds equals a billion seconds?

A billion. LOL You are funny.

How long will the suns hydrogen last in seconds?

Total time about 10 billion years = 3.1556926 × 1017 seconds

Estimate how long a billion seconds is 604800?

your question doesn't make sense

How long is 1 billion seconds?

31 years, 252 days, 1 hour, 46 minutes, and 40 seconds.

How many Hours in 1 billion seconds?

1 billion seconds is 277,777.7778 hours.

What is the age in 1 billion of seconds?

1 billion seconds is 31years 251days22hours 39minutes28seconds

How many years is 300 billion seconds?

300 billion seconds is about 9,506.4 years.

How many seconds are in 13.7 billion years?

There are 432339120000000000 seconds in 13.7 billion years.

1 billion seconds equals how many days?

1 Billion Seconds = 11574 Days.

How many billions of seconds in 34 years?

1.07 billion

How long has life on earth?

2 seconds my friend did that there 5 billion years left or so

How many seconds in 10 billion years?

10 billion years is about 3.1556926 x 1017 seconds.

How many seconds are in a billion years?

There are 31,540,000,000,000,000 (31 quadrillion, 540 trillion) seconds in 1 billion years.

Can you live to be a million seconds old?

Yes. You can even live to be one billion seconds old. If you are 31 then yes, you have live one billion seconds! :)