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Business days are Monday to Friday so if you order something on Friday that will take 3 to 5 days to get to you, that means it will arrive WEDNESDAY to FRIDAY the next week as SATURDAY and SUNDAY are not considered business days.

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3 to 5 days, just don't count the weekends. 3 business days after Monday is Thursday. 3 business days after Wednesday is the following Monday.

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Q: How many days is 3-5 business days?
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How many business days are 281 hours?

35 8-hour days plus one hour

How many days are in 3024000 seconds?

35 days

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There are 5 weeks in 35 days.

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30 days, 35 if business

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There are 5 weeks in 35 days, since there are 7 days in a week.

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There are 35 days

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How many days are in 24 business hours

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1 week is 7 days and 7x5=35 days. Answer is 5 weeks.

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There are five days in a business week.

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35 days ?

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None. 5 weeks = 35 days and no month has 35 days in it.

How many days is 7 10 business days?

Business days refers to days that the company in question is operating.

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35 of them.

How many weeks in 35 days?


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252 days

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35 days

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35 days.

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