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one hundred and twenty-five

125 x 0.10 = 12.50

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170 dimes

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Q: How many dimes in 12.50?
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The coins in a cash register total 12.50 and there are only nickels dimes and quarters. There are twice as many dimes as nickels and there are twice as many quarters as dimes. How many many dimes are?

You need to define variables for the different types of coins, write the corresponding equations, then solve them. One equation for each fact. Here are the equations:5N + 10D + 25Q = 1250 D = 2N Q = 2D

How many dimes are there in a roll of dimes?

A roll of dimes is 50 dimes or $5.00

1250 liters are how many kiloliters?

1250 liter= 1250/1000 kiloliter =1.250 kiloliters

How many dimes in 13500.?

There are 13500 dimes in 13500 dimes!

How many dimes in 10 dollars?

There are 100 dimes in $10

If there twice as many dimes then quarters in 2.25 how many dimes are there?

10 dimes 5 quarters

How many yards are in 1250 meters?

1250 meters = 1,367.016 yards

How many meters are in 1250 millimeters?

1250 millimeters = 1.25 meters

How many meters is 1250 feet?

There are 381 meters in 1250 feet.

How many times does 50 go into 1250?

1250 ÷ 50 = 25

How many dimes in 19.50?

195 dimes

How many dimes are in 100?

It is 10 Dimes.

How many dimes in 11.50?

115 dimes.

He saved 15 quarter and 7 times as many dimes How many dimes did he save?

105 dimes

How many dimes equal 14 quarters?


A stack of pennies and dimes has a total value of 2.31 How many dimes are in the stack if there are twice as many dimes as pennies?

You have 22 dimes and 11 pennies.

A stack of pennies and dimes has a total value of $2.31. How many dimes are in the stack if there are twice as many dimes as pennies?

You have 22 dimes and 11 pennies.

How many dimes in 1000000000 pennies?

100,000,000 dimes.

How many dimes are in a quarter?

there are 2.5 dimes in a quarter.

How many dimes are equal to 25492?

I suggest that 25492 dimes are equal to 25492 dimes!

Cash register has 4.00 in dimes nickels and quarters how many are dimes?

10 dimes

How many dimes to make a dollar?

There are ten dimes in a dollar.

How many dimes make 1000.00?

ten dimes make 1.00 so you need 10,000 dimes

There are quarters and dimes in a box Their total value is at most 4.50 Quarters are 5 times as many as dimes How many quarters and how many dimes are at most in the box?

15 quarters, 3 dimes

How many ounces is 1250 milliliter?

1250 ml = 42.27 US fluid ounces.