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There are 4 eighths in a half of a cup.

Because of the following:

1 cup = 8 ounces so, an eight of a cup would be 1 ounce (8 eighths = 1 whole)

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Q: How many eighth cup in an half cup?
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How many eighth cups do you need to make half a cup?

There are 8 eighths in 1 cup so half of 8 is 4. 4 eighth cups = half a cup.

How many ml are in one eighth of a cup?

A cup is 250ml. So ... half a cup is 125ml, a quarter of a cup is 63.5ml and an eighth of a cup is 31.25ml.

What is half of one fourth a cup?

Half of one-fourth of a cup is one-eighth of a cup.

How many one eighth of a cup equals two and a half cups?

There are 20 one eighth cup measures in two and a half cups.8 eighth cups = 1 cup times 2 = 2 cups plus 4 eighth cups (half of eight is 4) = 2 1/2 cups.

What is half of one quarter cup?

one eighth of a cup

What is half of one quarter cup sugar?

one eighth of a cup

What is half of 1 4 cup?

Half of a quarter is a eighth.

What is an eighth of a pint?

A pint is two cups, and 8 fluid ounces are a cup. So, a half pint is a cup, and a quarter of that is a quarter cup. Answer: An eighth of a pint is a quarter cup.

What is one fourth of one half cup?

One fourth of one half cup is one eighth, 1/8.

What is half of one fourth cup?

1/8 cup

How many eighth's are in one cup?

There are eight eighths in one cup.

How many counts does an eighth note get?

An eighth note is worth half a beat.

How many teaspoons in an eighth of cup?

6 teaspoons

How many tablespoons in one eighth of a cup?


How many teaspoons in one-eighth of a cup?


How many tablespoon is in one eighth cup?


How many tablespoons is one eighth a cup?


How many one eighth's are in half?


How many tablespoon's in a eighth of a cup?

2 Tablespoons in an 1/8th of a cup

What is one-eight of a cup of flour is it half of cup plus 1 tablespoon?

No. One-eighth of a cup of flour (or 1/8 cup) is equal to 2 Tablespoons.

How many beats are there in eighth note?

eighth note: quaver, so half a beat

How many calories in a half cup of half and half?

There are 160 calories in a half cup of half and half.

How many teaspoons to one eighth cup?

6 teaspoons in 1/8 cup

How many tbsp in one eighth cup?

1/8 cup = 2 Tbsp.

Eighth of a cup is how many ounces?

1/8 cup = 1 fluid ounce