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One crore of any unit is ten million of that unit.

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4 Crore to Naira?
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How many naira

equals one crore

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Q: How many naira equals one crore?
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Related questions

About how many US dollars equals one naira?

$1= around 145 naira.

What is one crore equals?

1 crore which is written as 1,00,00,000 equals ten million.

How many dollars is equal to one hundred and fifty million naira?

1 US Dollar equals 174.85 Nigerian Naira while $857,878.18 = 150,000,000.00 Nigerian naira1 US Dollar equals 174.85 Nigerian Naira while $857,878.18 = 150,000,000.00 Nigerian naira

How many lakh rupees equal one crore rupees?

100 lakhs equals 1 crore rupees. 1,00,00,000 - This is 1 crore. You can say it as 100 lakhs or 1 crore

How many zeroes in one crore?

There are 7 zeroes in one crore (Cr). One crore equals ten million (written 1,00,00,000 rather than 10,000,000).

How many naira equals one US dollar?

1 US dollar = 117.29659665 nairas

Is one billion equals to one crore?

No. 1 billion = 109 1 crore = 107 so 100 crore = 1 billion.

How many crore in one billion?

there is ten crore in one billion * * * * * No. 100 crore = 1 billion.

How many 1000 are in one crore?

There are ten thousand of them in a crore.

How many billions is equal to one crore?

One crore = 0.01 billion.

How many thousands in one crore?

1000 thousands make a crore!

How many millions make one crore?

Ten million make one crore.

One billion means how many crore?

One billion means 100 Crore.

How many cores equals to one million?

10 Lakhs equal One Million. i.e 10 Millions equal 1 CRORE..... :-)

How many naira is equal to one US dollar?

1 U.S. dollar = 117.744024 Nigerian naira

How many countries uses naira?

one. that is Nigeria

How many zeroes does a crore have?

There are 7 zeroes in one crore.One crore=10,000,000100,00,0007

How much is 6 crore is US dollars?

A crore is a unit of measure remaining used throughout South Asia and its diaspora. One core equals ten million (1 core = 10,000,000). Therefore 6 crore equals 60,000,000 United States Dollars.

How many million in in one crore?


How many one's in a crore?

Just 1.

How many zeros does one crore have?


How many 0s in one crore?


How much does a governor earn in Nigeria?

The annual salary of a governor in Nigeria is 1.9 million naira. One Nigerian naira equals 0.0062 US dollar. In addition to a salary, the governor receives many different types of subsidies and benefits.

How many zeros are there in 1.25 crore?

One hundred twenty crorers

How many zeros in 60 crore?

There are 7 zeroes in one crore (Cr) and therefore there will be 8 zeros in 60 crore. 600,000,000 (or 60,00,00,000).