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Just milling though this in my mind, I can think of ten:

Sacrifice fly Fielder's choice Base hit Wild pitch Passed ball Steal of home Squeeze bunt Error on a fielder (throwing or fielding) Ground out Balk by pitcher

Sounds right to me. However, in this situation, a groundout IS a fielder's choice.

A Balk, Single, Double(regular or ground rule), Triple, Home Run, Fielder's Choice, Sacrafice Fly, Sacrafice Bunt, Error (over throw and bobble), Wild Pitch, Passed Ball, Stolen Base (straight steal and/or drop 3rd strike), Walk with the bases loaded, Catchers Obstruction with the bases loaded, Hit by Pitch with the bases loaded... 15 ways I can think of (going by the way you'd score the run scoring).

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The various ways that a runner that is on third base can get to home would include a batter getting a hit and driving him home, a Pitcher balking which would allow the runner on third base to automatically advance a base, a fielder throwing a ball away which would be committing an error which would allow the runner on third base to advance to home and runners on first base, second base and third base, the current Pitcher walking the batter which would allow the runner on third base to advance to home and the runner on third base stealing home plate.

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Q: How many possible ways can you get to home from third base and what are they?
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How many total bases are there in a baseball infield?

Four. First base, second base, third base and home plate.

How many major league baseball team's home dugout is on the third base line?

There are 12 home dugouts on the 3rd base line.

How many total bases are used in an mlb game?

5 First base Second base Third base Home Pitchers mound

How many feet from home plate to first base in MLB?

The distances between the plates are 90 feet. The distance between home plate and first base is 90 feet. First base to second base is 90 feet. Second base to third base is 90 feet. Third base to home plate is also 90 feet. Additionally, the distance between first and third base straight across is 127 feet.

How many feet from second base to third base in Major League Baseball?

The distance from second base to third base in MLB is 90 feet

How many feet farther do you need to run for a triple than a single in baseball?

The bases are 90 feet apart. From home plate to first base is 90 feet. From home plate to second base is 180 feet. From home plate to third base is 270 feet. From home plate around the bases and back to home plate is 360 feet. (That's farther than from goal line to goal line in football.) From first base to third base is 180 feet.

In how many ways can a runner score from third base?

You can just run home on a play, steal home, tag up, or be walked home (If the pitcher walks someone on loaded bases)

How many feet is it to throw a ball from third to first base?

According to, "the distance between first base and third base is 127 feet."

Why do the Chicago White Sox have their home dugout on the third base side?

Interestingly, there is no official rule about where the home dugout has to be. And the White Sox are not the only team to have theirs on the third base side-- so do the Tigers and the Indians (and a few others too). Some historians think having it on the third base side goes back to baseball's early years, when many players were also third-base coaches; after standing on the third base line, it was thus much easier to just run back to the dugout and sit for a few minutes. But that explanation may be just another baseball legend.

How many ways to score from second base?

You can score from second base several ways. First, you can score on a single if it is hit far enough. You can also score on an error. You can steal third and make it home on a bunt or a hit. You can reach home from second base with a sacrifice hit, or an extra base hit by the batter.

How many bases are in softball?

there are 4 bases in softball, homeplate, first base, second base, third base...

How many feet is third base to first?

127 feet

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