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1 lakh consists of 1 hundred thousand rupees!

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1 lakh is equal to 100,000 rupees.

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Q: How many rupees are in a lakh?
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How many Indian rupees in 1 Lakh?

Rs. 1,00,000/- or One hundred thousand rupees is one Lakh.

How many rupees in a Nepalese Lakh?


How many 0 in 1 lakh rupees?


How many dollars in 1 lakh rupees?


How many zeros in 35 lakh rupees?


Is 1 lakh rupees equals to 100000?

yes, 1 lakh rupees equals 100,000 rupees. Lakh is an Indian measuring unit equal to 100,000.

How many zeros after 1 for 1 lakh rupees?

ther are 5 zeros in one lakh

How many indian rupees in 2 lakh euro?

13756 rs

2.3million is equal to how many Indian rupees?

23 LAkh Rs

Is it five lac rupees or five lack rupees?

Its neither lac nor lack. Lakh is the correct word. You should write as Five Lakh Rupees but not Five Lakhs Rupees

What is 100 lakh rupees in US?

10 Lakh = 1 Millionso 100 lakh = 10 Million

1 million in Indian rupees?

1 million in Indian Rupees is 10 lakh rupees.

Can we buy a car for one lakh rupees?


How much is half a million dollar in Indian rupees?

5 Lakh Rupees

How many zeros are there in 50 lakhs?

One lakh is equal to 100,000 rupees. Therefore, 50 lakh is equal to 50 x 100000 = 5000000 rupees, or 5 followed by 6 zeroes.

How do you write the number 5 lakh rupees?


What is 2300000 rupees in lakh or crows?

2.3 crows

How do you write 70 lakh Indian rupees?


Is it correct to write one lacs or one lakh?

Whether it is "one lakh", "two lakh" or "fifty lakh", the word is written in singular and not in plural. Please note that the word "lakh" takes the singular form but the word following "lakh" takes the plural form. You can say " two lakh rupees" or " five lakh tonnes" but not " two lakhs rupees" or "five lakhs tonnes". This is on the analogy of the words " million" and "billion". For example, we say " 5 million" or " 5 billion dollars" but not "5 millions" / " 5 billions dollars". However, in a table of figures, you can say " in lakhs of rupees" and not " in lakh of rupees".

How many Rupees does it cost to build a church in rural India?

It cost from 1.5 lakh rupees, depends on the rural part of northern india.

How many Rupees is 1 Trillion?

one lakh crore. or a thousand billion. or a million million.

How much Indian Rupee makes a million?

One million rupees = 10 lakh rupees

What would a 1 lakh rupees bill be worth in Canadian dollars?

What is 1 lakh to Canadian dollars

How many Indian rupees is equivalent to 1 lakh?

Well, lakh means 100,000 in general. How many Euro is 1 Lak or 100 000 ropees? about 1290.44 euroes

How much is 4 lakh rupees in British Pounds?


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