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This cannot be done. A cubic meter is a volume and a square meter is an area.

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Q: How many square meters is there in a cubic meter?
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How many cubic meters in square metres?

A cubic meter is one square meter on each side of a cube. Think of a box which is one meter long on each side. A square meter has no height, so you can't really say how many square meters are in a cubic meters.

How many meters are in a cubic meter?

This cannot be done. A cubic meter is a volume and a square meter is an area.

How many sq meters in a cubic meter?

Invalid conversion: square meters is a measure of area and cubic meters is a measure of volume.

How many sq meters is 5 cubic meter?

This question is incorrect. Square meter is two-dimensional measurements unit and cubic meter is three- dimensional measurement unit Sq meters and cubic meters can not be compared.

How many cubic meter is in 77 m2 yard?

Incorrect. Square meters cannot be converted to cubic meters.

How many square meters will a cubic meter of cement cover?

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How many cubic meters would you need to fill an area of 28 meter square by 10 cm deep?

A 28 meter square is 28 times 28 meters or 784 square meters. If it is one tenth of a meter (10 cm) deep, it has a volume of 78.4 cubic metersIf you mean 28 square meters (like a pool 4 meters by 7 meters) then the volume one tenth of a meter deep is 2.8 cubic meters.

How many sq meter is equal to One cubic meter?

Square meters is a measurement of area. Cubic meter is a measurement of volume. One has little to do with the other.

8 meter wide by 5 meter long by 1 meter tall equal to how many square meter?

8 meters wide by 5 meters long my 1 meters tall will not give you an answer in square meters. But it will give you a VOLUME of 40 cubic meters.

How many meter of 3 cubic meter?

You can't convert between meters and cubic meters.

1 cubic meter covers an area of how many square meters to a depth of 150mm?

1 square meter. The depth is irrelevant in this question.

How many square meters does a cubic meter of soil cover?

That depends on how thin you spread it. If it's a meter thick, it only covers one square meter. If it's a centimeter thick, it covers a hundred square meters.

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