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No Doubt, there are six zeros in 12 Million (12,000,000).

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There are 6 zeros.

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Q: How many zeros are in 12 million?
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How many zeros are in a million million?

12 zeros: 1,000,000,000,000

How many zeros in a billion in the European system?

in Europe, a billion is a million million = 10^12 (one with 12 zeros). in the U.S. a billion is a thousand million = 10^9 (one with 9 zeros).

How many zeros are there in a million million?

If what you mean is one million times a million the answer would be 1,000,000,000,000 * * * * * The correct number but that was not the question! The answer to the question is 12 zeros.

How many zeros in a million in Europe?

six. The million is the same, the billion is different, 12 zeros in Europe. The US billion with 9 zeros is the European milliard.

How do you write the number 10 million million?

one million is 1 with 6 zeros one million million is 1 with 6+6 or 12 zeros 10 million is 10 with 12 zeros

How many zeros are there in 3 billion?

In English speaking countries there are 9 zeros in three billion.3,000,000,000In other countries there may be 12 zeros in three billion.3,000,000,000,000In England, an English speaking country, a billion = one million, million (12 zeros).6 zeros is a million, 7 zeros is ten million, 8 zeros is a hundred million,9 zeros is a thousand million, 10 zeros is ten thousand million,11 zeros is a hundred thousand million. 12 zeros is a million million = a BILLION.In North American usage a billion = a thousand, million. (9 zeros).Nine, if you write it as 3,000,000,000 .Two, if you write it as 3.0 x 109 .

How many zeros in a thousand thousand million?

A thousand thousand million has 12 zeroes.

How many zeros are in nine hundred billion?

In the UK there are million = 6 zeros trillion = 9 zeros billion = 12 zeros and 2 zeros in 9 hundred so 12 + 2 = 14

How many zeros are in a million?

There are 6 zeros in a million.....

How many zeros are there in a 100 million million?

14 zeros

How many zeros in 1 lakh crore?

12 zeros.12 zeros.12 zeros.12 zeros.

How many zeros are in 100 million million?

There are fourteen zeros in 100 million million.

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