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Solve this in two steps.

1) Multiply the force x the distance, to get the energy (or work).

2) Divide the work by the time to get power.

Since you are using SI units, the answer will also be in SI units - specifically, in watts.

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Q: How much power is generated if a person applies 200 N of force to move a bicycle 10 m in 5 s?
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What is the force that can stop a bicycle when the rider applies the brakes?

Friction is the force that stops the bike.

Is a bicycle a force?


What is the definition of effort arm?

it is the part of a lever on which a person or another machine applies a force on.

Does a bicycle use force?

A bicycle alone only use up space. But a human riding a bicycle will have to use force to get the bicycle to do anything, by pushing on the pedals, pulling on the handlebar ASO.

The force the machine applies is the what force?


Force of impact is the force?

is generated when objects meet

Does force effect a bicycle?


What makes the bicycle move?

Force exerted by the rider makes the bicycle move

What is the force that a machine applies?

Mechanical Force is the force that is applied by a machine.

If a bicycle and a massive truck have a head-on collision upon which vehicle is the impact force greater?

The bicycle would have the greatest impact force.

How does the frequency of stimulation affect the amount of force generated by the muscle?

An increase in frequency of stimulation increases the force generated by the muscle.

What force keeps the bicycle on the ground?


Does newtons first law apply to bicycling?

yes, newtons first law applies to bicycling because if a force is not applied to the tyres via the pedals or directly, the bicycle will remain at rest.

What are three forces that you exert when riding a bycicle?

Applied force, normal force and friction. Your weight applies a downward force, and the two wheels touch the ground (contact force) and produce a reaction force (according to newton's third law), and ofcourse there is friction which opposes the motion of the bicycle. Hope this helps.

Where the brake levers apply force in a bicycle?

Well, the lever will apply a force to a linkage, connecting the lever to the actual brake. Then the force will travel through the linkage, down to the brake. In the brake, the force will be used to pinch a moving surface between two stationary surfaces, and the friction generated there will slow the bike down.

When one object applies force to the second object that force is called what?

contact force

What is the mechanical force of muscle contraction is generated by?

The mechanical force of muscle contraction is generated by a sliding of thin filaments past thick ones.

What happen to the speed of a cart when a horse applies more force?

The speed of cart becomes fast when the horse applies more force

What is the definition of output force?

outputforce: the force the lever applies to the load

What does pull force mean?

When the body applies force towards itself...

What kind of force do you use to brake a bicycle?


When one object applies a force to a second object what force is called what?


When one object applies a force to a second object that force is called what?


What is the force of attraction or repulsion generated by moving or spinning electric charges?

it is magnetic force

What is the force that slows down or stops the motion of a bicycle?