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4.926 = 4926/1000

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Q: How would you write the decimal 4.926 as a fraction or mixed number?
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Is 0.259 a fraction or a mixed number?

0.259 is a decimal. Some people would call it a decimal fraction. It is equivalent to a fraction. (259/100) Mixed numbers are greater than one.

How do you convert a decimal to a fraction or mixed number?

Say the decimal out loud to yourself, and the way it sounds will be the fraction. If it is an improper fraction, I'm guessing you know how to change it to a mixed number. For example, if it was .25, then it would be 25 over 100.

What is the mixed number and improper fraction for the decimal 7.03?

A mixed number would be: 7 and 3/100 An improper fraction would be 703/100 And, in case you were asking, here's one that is both an improper fraction and a mixed number: 6 and 130/100

Write the decimal 0.75 as a fraction or a mix number?

fraction=3/4 mix number= there is no mixed number as the decimal is .75 as opposed to a larger number such as 7.5 which would be put as 15/2

Write the decimal as a fraction or a mixed number in simplest form -0.325?

The number -0.325 as a mixed number would equal to 4/10. This is taught in math class.

1.9 as a decimal?

1.9 is a decimal. 1 1/9 would be a mixed number, 10/9 would be an improper fraction, and 190% would the the percentage.

Write -0.325 as a fraction or a mixed number in simplest form?

The solution of the decimal -0.325 in its simplest fraction form would be -13/40.

How do you turn the decimal 4.8 into a fraction or mixed number?

Move the decimal two spaces to the right. In this case, 4.8 would become 480/100.

What is the sum of an integer and a fraction?

It is a fraction - which may be mixed or proper.

13.6 as mixed mumber?

It is a mixed number now, just in decimal form. The mixed # with a fraction would be 13 3/5, or 13 6/10. The improper fraction of this number would be (13 x 5 + 3)/5, or 68/5 (136/10).

Is 1 a mixed number?

A mixed fraction is a whole number and a fraction put together. So I would say that 1 is not a mixed number.

What is 15.27 as a decimal?

It is a decimal. As a mixed number, it would be 15 and 27/100 (fifteen and twenty-seven hundredths). * (the fraction 3/11 is approximated by the repeating decimal 0.272727).

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