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Sqaure root of 3

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Q: In the triangle below what is the length of the side opposite the 30 angle?
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What is the length of in the right triangle below with legs of 18 and 80?

Using Pythagoras' theorem for a right angle triangle its hypotenuse is 82 units in length

What is the length of BC in the right triangle below with legs of 9 and 12?

Using Pythagoras' theorem the hypotenuse of the right angle triangle works out as 15.

If a right triangle has 60 degree angle and a length of 8 meters how do you find the hypotenuse?

As the relationship between the length and angle given are unclear a graphic explanation can be found at the link below

What is the length of EF in the triangle below with legs of 39 and 15?

Since there is no triangle "below", all that can be said is that EF - if it is the third side of the triangle - is any length in the interval (24, 54).

What ate the properties of a triangle?

SideSide of a triangle is a line segment that connects two vertices. Triangle has three sides, it is denoted by a, b, and c in the figure below.VertexVertex is the point of intersection of two sides of triangle. The three vertices of the triangle are denoted by A, B, and C in the figure below. Notice that the opposite of vertex A is side a, opposite to vertex B is side B, and opposite to vertex C is side c.Included Angle or Vertex AngleIncluded angle is the angle subtended by two sides at the vertex of the triangle. It is also called vertex angle. For convenience, each included angle has the same notation to that of the vertex, ie. angle A is the included angle at vertex A, and so on. The sum of the included angles of the triangle is always equal to 180°.Altitude, h Altitude is a line from vertex perpendicular to the opposite side. The altitudes of the triangle will intersect at a common point called orthocenter.If sides a, b, and c are known, solve one of the angles using Cosine Law then solve the altitude of the triangle by functions of a right triangle. If the area of the triangle At is known, the following formulas are useful in solving for the altitudes..BaseThe base of the triangle is relative to which altitude is being considered. Figure below shows the bases of the triangle and its corresponding altitude.If hA is taken as altitude then side a is the baseIf hB is taken as altitude then side b is the baseIf hC is taken as altitude then side c is the baseMedian, mMedian of the triangle is a line from vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side. A triangle has three medians, and these three will intersect at the centroid. The figure below shows the median through A denoted by mA.Given three sides of the triangle, the median can be solved by two steps.Solve for one included angle, say angle C, using Cosine Law. From the figure above, solve for C in triangle ABC.Using triangle ADC, determine the median through A by Cosine Law.The formulas below, though not recommended, can be used to solve for the length of the medians.Where mA, mB, and mC are medians through A, B, and C, respectively.Angle BisectorAngle bisector of a triangle is a line that divides one included angle into two equal angles. It is drawn from vertex to the opposite side of the triangle. Since there are three included angles of the triangle, there are also three angle bisectors, and these three will intersect at the incenter. The figure shown below is the bisector of angle A, its length from vertex A to side a is denoted as bA.The length of angle bisectors is given by the following formulas:where called the semi-perimeter and bA, bB, and bC are bisectors of angles A, B, and C, respectively. The given formulas are not worth memorizing for if you are given three sides, you can easily solve the length of angle bisectors by using the Cosine and Sine Laws.Perpendicular BisectorPerpendicular bisector of the triangle is a perpendicular line that crosses through midpoint of the side of the triangle. The three perpendicular bisectors are worth noting for it intersects at the center of the circumscribing circle of the triangle. The point of intersection is called the circumcenter. The figure below shows the perpendicular bisector through side b.Source: MATHalino

Which expression gives the length of PQ in the triangle shown below?

A triangle has 3 line segments

Determine the measure of the missing angle in the triangle below the sum of the three angles in a triangle is 180 degree?

37 degree

How can you solve for angle A when only side a and side b of a right triangle are given in trigonometric functions?

It depends on the relationship of the sides to the angle. Assuming that neither side a or side b are the hypotenuse (longest side of the right triangle) and that side A is opposite the angle A and side b is closest (adjacent) to angle A then side a over side b will give the tangent of the angle A. If either side a or side b is the hypotenuse then when multiplied together their relationship to the angle A will give either the Sine or the Cosine of the angle A. Tangent = Opposite side / Adjacent side. Sine = Opposite / Hypotenuse. Cosine = Adjacent / Hypotenuse. A full explanation with diagram is at the related link below:

What is the Formula for a acute triangle?

For acute triangle None of the angle of triangle should be more than 90 degrees. See the weblink below for formulas.

Fill in the blanks In the 30-60-90 triangle below side s has a length of and side q has a length of?

4 and 4 square root 3 apex!!!!

The segments shown below could form a triangle?

No, it could not. A triangle cannot have a perimeter of length zero.

What is a wide angle focal length lens?

With a 35mm sensor a wide angle is 24mm to 35mm and a wide angle is below 24mm.

Why bond angle in methane is 109.28?

Imagine that you create the tetrahedron by joining opposite vertices on the faces of a cube as in the diagram below. To simplify the arithmetic assume that the cube has sides of length 2. Let O be the point at the center of the cube (equidistant from the eight vertices) as in the diagram below. Construct the triangle OPQ. Consider the triangle OPQ. Let R be the midpoint of PQ. Since the sided of the cube are of length 2, a use of Pythagoras' Theorem gives |PQ| = . Also, since O is at the center of the cube, |OR| = 1. From the diagram the tangent of the angle ROP is . Thusangle QOP = 2 x angle ROP = 2 x arctan() = 109.5o

What is the length EF in the right triangle below with legs of 17 and 13?


A side of a triangle below has been extended to form an exterior angle of 133 degrees. Find the value of x?

A side of the triangle below has been extended to form an exterior angle of 133ยฐ. Find the value of x

How do you solve for the unknown side length for a right triangle?

you must have at least 2 given sides or a given angle you can use the pythagorean theorem formula c² = a² + b² try the link below for a computation

What is the perimeter of the isosceles triangle shown below 18 units 12 units 21 units 24 units END STUDY SESSION?

I don't see any triangle below, but the idea is to add the length of all the sides.If it's an isosceles triangle, two of the sides must have the same length.

Why is the side opposite of the right triangle called a hypotenuse?

Because that is the accepted convention. The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle. The term comes from the Greek, hypoteinousa, meaning "to stretch", and was used by Plato in the Timeus 54d and by other ancient authors. For more information, please see the Related Link below.

What is the length of BC in the right triangle below with legs of 39 and 15?

If 39 is the hypotenuse of the right triangle then by using Pythagoras' theorem the 3rd length is 36 units

The lengths of the 3 sides of a certain triangle are related as shown below where n is the length of the shortest side of the triangle. 0.5n 1.5n 2.5n Which of these name the lengths of the sides for?

The lengths of the 3 sides of a certain triangle are related as shown below, where n is the length of the shortest side of the triangle.0.5n, 1.5n, 2.5nWhich of these name the lengths of the sides for another triangle, similar to the first triangle, for any value n ≥ 1?

What is the length of BC in the right triangle below with legs of 36 and 15?

Using Pythagoras' theorem the length of the hypotenuse is 39 units of measurement.

The length of the rectangle below is 26.63 inches. If the diagonal makes an angle of 42.6 and ordm with this side find the measure of the width of the rectangle rounded to the nearest tenth of an inch?

The diagonal creates a right angled triangle with one pair of long and short sides - the diagonal is the hypotenuse. We know the angle between the long side (adjacent) and hypotenuse as 42.6°; We want to find the length of the short (width) side (opposite). We can use the Tan ratio: tan = opposite/adjacent → opposite = adjacent × tan → width = 26.63 in × tan 42.6° = 24.487... in → width is 24.5 inches to the nearest tenth of an inch.

How do you measure an obtuse angle?

You need to use a protractor. You can also calculate it from the length of the three sides of a triangle it would make. Since an obtuse angle lies between 90 and 180 degrees just draw a line bisecting the two angle lines and measure the length of each of the three resulting sides. View Wikipedia in the related link below to find out how to use trigonometry to accomplish this.

What is the length ef in the right triangle below?

Square root of 217 for apex

Where is the sun when a tree is 60 ft and casts a shadow 60 ft?

Since the height of the tree and the length of the shadow are the same and the tree makes a 90 angle with the ground, then a 45 45 90 triangle is created. So the sun must be at a 45 degree angle below the horizontal.