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Yes. 1 cm is equal to 10 mm. Therefore 20 cm would equal 200 mm. Good luck.

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Q: Is 25mm smaller than 20cm
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Is 20cm equal to 2m?

No. 20cm are much smaller than 2m. 20 cm are equal to 0.2 m

Which one is bigger 25mm or 20cm?

25 mm = 2.5 cm therefore 20 cm is bigger, obviously

What is the smallest half a m 3.5 cm 25mm 20 cm?

25mm. half a meter = 500mm 3.5cm = 35mm. 20cm = 200mm

Is 19cm bigger than 25mm?

Yes it is. 19cm=190mm. 25mm=2.5cm.

Is 20cm greater than 2dm?


Do you divide or multiply to get how many mm to 2.5 cm?

multiply from cm to mm, the answer is 25mm. Think about it this way, the millimetre is smaller than a centimetre, so your number has to be bigger than the number in centimetres

What is the volume of a fish tank 20cm by 30cm by 20cm?

volume 20cm 30cm 20cm

Is 25 mm larger than 3 cm?

No, it is not.

What is the volume 20Cm x 20Cm x30Cm?

20cmx 20cm x20cm

How many centimeters is 25mm?

2.5cm per 25mm

Can a hailstone really get as big as a baseball?

Yes It Can They Can Be Upto 20cm by 20cm by 20cm

20cm is how many feet?

Since there are 2.54cm per inch, 20cm converts into 7.87 inches, which is more than 1/2 foot but less than one foot.

What is 20cm x 20cm in mm?

It is 40,000mm

How many millimeters in 20cm?

20cm is 200mm

Which is bigger 25mm or 50mm?

50mm is twice as big of 25mm

What is 20cm times 20cm?

It is 400cm or 4 meters

Is 0.1 meter larger than 20 cenimeters?

No, it is not. 0.1m = 10cm, which is less than 20cm

How many km is 25mm?

2.5*10-5 km in 25mm

Is the Australian 10 cent coin smaller in size than a 1 Dollar coin?

Yes. The Australian 10 cent coin is 23.6mm in diameter. The Australian One Dollar coin is 25mm in diameter.

Is the squirrel monkey the smallest monkey in the world?

No, there are smaller monkeys called marmosets. Some marmosets only grow to 20cm!

How much is 25 mm?

25mm is a tiny bit less than one inch.

Is 30 cm larger than 200 mm?

Yes. 200mm=20cm

What is 25mm in ins?

25mm is just a tiny bit over 1 inch!

What is 2m add 20cm?

2m add 20cm = 22

How long is 20cm?

in inch 20cm = 7.8740 inches thank you!