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Q: Is 400cm more than 4m
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Is 4m equivalent to 4km and 400cm?

No because 4m = 400cm.

What is centimeters in 4m?


400 centimeters equals meters?

400cm = 4m

How many meter are in 400 cm?

400cm = 4m

What is 4 meters changed into centimeters?


How many centimeters are in four meters?

1m=100cm 4m=100X4 4m=400cm

How many cm in 4 m?

if 100cm = 1m then 400cm = 4m

What is 4000mm converted to meters?

10mm=1cm 100cm=1m 4000mm=400cm=4m therefore 4000mm=4m

How many 8 cm strings can be cut into a 4m length?

4m = 400cm so 400/8 = 50

How do you convert 25cm to 4m?

You can't convert two un-equal values to one another. 25cm = .25m 4m = 400cm

How many centemeters are in 4 meters?

400cm in 4m There are 100cm in 1m. I hope this was helpful.

4 meters how many cm?

100 cm in 1m so 4m = 400cm

How many cm are there in 4 m?

400 there are 100cm in 1m so 400cm in 4m

Does 400 cm equal 0.40m?

No, 400cm = 4m (divide cm by 100 to get meters).

Is 1 m HCl is more reactive than 4m HCl?

1 m HCl is not more reactive than 4m HCl, but 4m HCl is more concentrated.

Is 400cm greater than 40m?


What is the ratio of two measurements with different units?

Ration does not have units. You have to convert one of them to the same units and then work it out. For example: what is the ratio of 4m to 200cm ? This is the same as: 4m to 2m - so the answer is 2 to 1. (400cm to 200cm gives the same answer.)

Fraction 4m is 10cm?

You have to change them both to the same form. If you move the 4m to cm... 400cm. then it'd be 10/400. You can cancel out two zero's like so... 1/40. Therefore the fraction is 1/40 :D

Is 40m greater than 400Cm?


Is 400cm bigger than 400mm?

40 cm.

Is 400 cm greater than 4m?

it is exactly the same 100cm=1metre

Is 4m bigger than 450 cm?

No because 4m equals 400 cm which is less than 450 cm

Is 48cm greater than 4m?

No, 48 cm is only about 1/20 of 1m. So 4m is greater than 48 cm.

What is 400cm cubed?


Which is greater 4m or 400 dm?


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Is 400 cm greater than 4m?

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