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6 players to 1 ball is a ratio.
This may be written as 6 platers : 1 ball but normally not as 6 players - 1 ball.
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Q: Is 6 players - 1 ball a ratio?
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If the ratio of football players to volleyball players is 6 to1 and there are 105 football and volleyball players how many volleyball players are there?

105/7=15 15*6=90 football players 15*1=15 volleyball players

How many players are in doge ball?


What is the ratio of 1 to 6?


What is the ratio of 6?

It is 6:1.

How many players are there per side in volley ball?

there is 6 players on each time, 3 in the front, 1 sort of in the middle, and 2 in the back.

What is the ratio of gravity of the moon to earth?

Moon's gravity is about 1/6 of the Earth's. So, the ratio is 1 to 6.Approximately 1:6.

What is the ratio for 24 to 144?

1 to 6, or 1:6

How many players are on a volley ball team?

There are 6 players on a volley ball team, playing, at a time. Only 2 for beach volleyball.

How many player in basketball and volley ball games?

In basket ball there are 5 players playing on the court and in volleyball there are 6 players on the court. ;)

What is the ratio of 46?

It is 46/1.

What is the ratio of 50 into 6 and 3?

The ratio is 2 to 1.

What is volleyball ball?

It is a sport in which 6 players have 3 chances to pass the ball back over the net to another team of 6

What is the ratio of six?

It is 6/1.

How many members are there in a dodge ball team?

6-10 players.

Is the ratio equivalent 2 over 3 to 1 over 6?

2/3 = 4/6 So ratio of 4/6 to 1/6 is 4:1

What is the ratio of 6 feet to 18 inches?

It is a 2 to 1 ratio (2:1).

How do you simplify the ratio 6 42?

Factor out the 6, 6*1 : 6*7 as 6 appears in both sides of this ratio as a factor it can be eliminated 1 : 7 ===

What is the ratio of 6 feet to 36 inches?

The ratio is 2:1 !

5 On the Jackals baseball team there are 18 right-handed players and 6 left-handed players What is the ratio of right-handers to left-handers on the Jackals baseball team?


How do you find the ratio of 2 and 6?

Divide one of them by the other one. The ratio of 2 to 6 is 2/6 = 1/3 . The ratio of 6 to 2 is 6/2 = 3 .

What does a 3-to-1 ratio mean?


What is the oil gas ratio for 6 hp 1971 evinrude?

50:1 ratio which is 1 pint to 6 gallon of fuel

How many players will be there in a beach volley team?

there can be any where from 2-8 players on any volley ball team. there are mostly 6 players

6 p on a b t?

Six players on a (volley)ball team

What is the ratio of 360 and 6?

60 : 1