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Q: Is it true or false that apprentices learned skills from master artisans?
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What was the job of an apprentice in the medieval times?

The job of the apprentice was to serve his master in whatever way the master required. In the process, the apprentice was expected to learn the skills required to become a master, and the master was expected to teach those skills. The highest status for the apprentice were the pages and squires who were apprentices of knights. But there were apprentices for most crafts and trades, such as baking, brewing or trading.

Did apprentices learn skills from the master artisans?

Certainly. Before there was such a thing as Vocational-Technical Schools this is the primary ways that tradesmen learned their craft. A young man would sign on with a craftsman and work like a slave for this person for little more than room and board in order to learn the skills of the craft from their master. This was the only way to learn there crafts and to pass on the skills from one generation to another. The apprentice was usually a very poor person who had no other way to proceed in life other than to learn in this manner. They had no formal education system early on and even after some were taught basics they still needed the hands on education of the artisan masters.

What does it mean to summarize the skills you have learned?

what does it mean to summarize the skills you have learned

How are Human skills learned?

Human skills cannot be learned in a classroom, but are best learned by working with people

How do kids become apprentices on virtual villagers 3?

they watch people work a lot, and they learn the skill that they watch, OR build a nursery and train a adult to be master in 3 different skills so that the kids can learn one of the three skills

Can you advance in karate if you master the skills without all the classes?

There is more to karate than just learning the skills. There is a sense of community, responsibility and patience that needs to be learned as well.

Can skills be learned?

All skills are learned. Talents are innate, part of your individual intelligence, etc.

What additional managerial skills have you learned this year and which skills have you improved upon?

I have not learned any new managerial skills this year. I have improved on my coaching skills.

What skills does police use?

The skills, what he or she was learned when he was studying.

What does motor skills mean?

A motor skill is a learned sequence of movements that combine to produce a smooth, efficient action in order to master a particular task.

What are some learned behaviors of cheetahs?

There hunting skills are a learned behavior.

What happens during the time of apprenticeship?

The apprentice learns the skills of his trade from the master craftsman. When the master craftsman decides that the apprentice has learned all he needs, apprenticeship ends and the apprentice becomes a journeyman who usually leaves the master craftsman to practice his trade on his own.

Where could one master the skills of accounting?

If someone wanted to master the skills of accounting, there are a variety of ways in which they can do so. Some of these ways are to Review their math skills, Work on their interpersonal skills, Work on their problem-solving skills and to master computer programs.

How do you get more skills in fiesta online for the mage?

You can buy your level 1-19 skills at "Skill Master Ruby's" shop. Level 20-57 skills are purchased at the Mage Master in Elderine or the Skill Master in Sand Hill. 60-97 skills are purchased at "Skill Master Cyburn's" shop in Uruga. 97+ skills are bought from the Skill Master in Alberstol ruins or the Skill Master in Bera.

What skills do you have to master to become a veterinarian?

There are a number of skills that veterinarians have to master, including technical skills like surgery and physical exams, communication skills, time management skills and human resource management skills.

What skills did Raphael master?

not many

How do you summarize skills you have learned?

Basically you do a resume. That will list all your skills. sheri

What is a list of things for mentors to teach their apprentices in Warrior Cats?

They must teach their apprentices: The warrior code Hunting skills Battle skills How to clean out the elders den/nursery Stalking To think before you act How to check borders The different scents of the clans How to act at a gathering How to gather moss

What country was it where Columbus learned navigation skills?

Christopher Columbus is a very famous explorer. But where did he get the navigation skills from? Columbus was born in Portugal but sailed and learned

Is hunting skills and adaptation?

No , hunting is a learned skill

What skills will you have when you leave Princeton?

you can have what ever skill you learned

The Phoenicians learned their gold working skills from the?


What skills did the Greeks need to master to become master traders?

language and travel

What skills do medicine cat apprentices have to learn?

They have to learn all of the herbs and how to use them. They also have to know what herb to use when it is time to heal and actually know how to apply them. Medicine cat apprentices also need to know that they can't have a mate.

What is specialised skills?

Specialized skills are ones that are learned by very few in the population. Knowledge of cardiology skills are specialized skills for example.

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