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A standard unsharpened pencil including the eraser is 175 mm.

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175 mm

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Q: Length of an unsharpened pencil including eraser in millimeters?
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What is the length of an unsharpened pencil including eraser in millimeters?

190 mm.

Length of an unsharpened pencil?

The length of a pencil that has not been sharpened, with the eraser, is about 7.5 inches. This does however depend on the brand, etc.

What is the length of a eraser in millimeters?

it actually depends on how long your rubber is. when you have measured the rubber, work out how many millimeters that is and you have your answer.

Which metric unit of measure should be used to measure the length of an eraser?

Millimeters or centimeters.

What would you measure in millimetres?

You can measure small lengths in millimeters. Length of a pencil, pen, eraser, length and width of a paper, sheet etc. can be measured in millimeters.

How many millimeters long is an eraser?

How many millimetres in a eraser

How many millimeters is a pencil eraser?

I would guess that the standard eraser would be 2 to 3 centimetres in length. This converted to millimetres would be 20-30 millimetres.

List 4 things you may measure in millimeters?

paper clips beads finger nails length of an eraser

What measures about 1-5 millimeters?

There are many things that can be measured in millimeters:- paper clips- width of an eraser- length of an eraser- length and width of a simple battery- length of a pencil lead- width of a switch in which we plug things- beads- fingernails- width of a small can- eyelashes- wire diameters- tube diameters- the buttons on a monitor, on a CPU or on a laptop- icons that appear on a monitor screen

What is the length of an eraser?

Depends on the size of the eraser

What is the measurement for a pencil in inches?

12 in. I just measured one and it was 7 1/4 inches long without the eraser, and 7 1/2 inches with the eraser. Hope that helps. (unsharpened, of course)

What is the length of an eraser in mm?


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