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One of the five players on a Basketball team is the Center. That player is usually the tallest member of the team.

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Q: One of the five players usually the tallest?
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One of the five players usually the tallest in basketball?


In basketball one of the the five players usually the tallest?


What is the forward in basketball?

in basketball the forward is usually one of the tallest players on a team his or her job is to mostly get the rebounds and get close range shots HOPE THIS HELPS!!!

Total of five players on a basketball team no subs what happens if one of the five foul out of the game?

If one of the five players on the team get fouled out of the game and you don't have subs you just play with only 4 players.

How many players start in basketball?

Five players so a total of ten on the court, five on one team and five on the other team.

How many players are on the courts in basketball?

Five (5) on each team - making it ten (10) in total. In the NBA and many other leagues, you have three referees in addition to the 10 players. The five players on each time is usually (but not always) one center, two guards and two forwards.

Which game is played with 5 players on either side?

Basketball is a game that has ten players on the court with five players being on either team. In organized basketball, teams will have more than five players but only five players on that team can be on the court at one time.

What is the official numbers of players on the court for one team?


Was Hank Aaron one of the tallest baseball players?

NoAaron was Height 6' 0", Weight 180 lb.

Is maria sharapova tiny?

No, in fact she is one of the tallest tennis players on the WTA tour. 6ft 3in. :D

How many players are on a basketball court at a time?

In a typical NBA regulation game the number of players allowed is five (5) per team, for a total of ten (10) players. You can substitute but there will always be five on each team.In addition to players, there are three referees for a total of 13.There are five players of a team on a basketball court during regular play, usually consisting of one center, two forwards and two guards.

How many players can be on the basketball court at one time?

five (one team)

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