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What 3 different whole numbers give the same result when they are added as when they are multiplied?

Hmm... 1,2,3

1 + 2 + 3 = 6 & 1 x 2 x 3 = 6

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Q: What 3 whole numbers give the same result when added or multiplied?
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What two numbers multiply to 9?

3 multiplied by 3 = 9 Apart from 9 and 1, no other whole numbers give that result when multiplied.

Whole numbers that are multiply?

Whole numbers that are multiplied to get a product.

What are three whole and positive numbers that have the same answer who are multiplied together and when they are added together?

one, two, and three

How many whole numbers that can be multiplied by 3?

Every whole number can be multiplied by 3..

What two numbers multiplied gives you 29?

There is an infinite combination of numbers you can use to multiply that will result in 29. However, no whole numbers can be multiplied to result in 29. Instead, multiply a fraction or decimal. For example: 2 and 14.5 or 14 1/2.

Two numbers when added get 21 but when multiplied get 65?

It can't be done with whole numbers....but if you want decimals....these two will work 3.7731879764631448414184572689148 17.226812023536855158581542731085

What two whole positive numbers have the same answer when multiplied as when added?

2 + 2 = 4 2 x 2 = 4

What two whole numbers when multiplied together result in 41?

41 is a prime number so only 1 & 41.

What two numbers when multiplied equal negative 19 and also can be added to equal 9?


Find three whole numbers when multiplied give the same answer as when added?

1,2 and 3 1+2+3 = 6 and 1x2x3= 6

What are two whole numbers that can be multiplied to get a product called?


Two whole numbers that are multiplied to get a product?

They can be called factors.

How many whole numbers multiplied by 3?

Infinitely many.

What 2 whole numbers can be multiplied to get 41?

1 and 41.

Are two whole numbers added always a whole number?

Yes, any two whole numbers added together will equal a whole number.

When whole numbers are multiplied the product is a number?

Yes. What else would it be?

What are whole numbers that are multiplied to find the product called?

Multiplicand and Multiplier

One of two or more whole numbers that are multiplied to get a product?


Which two whole numbers multiplied together makes 17?


What 2 whole numbers when multiplied equal 41?


What two numbers multiplied together equals -28 and added together equals -4?


Is the difference of two whole numbers always a whole number?

No. You can subtract two whole numbers and get a negative result. Whole numbers can't be negative.

What two numbers multiplied equal -3 but when added equal 4?


Are the whole numbers closed under addition if so explain?

Yes because being closed under an operation means that when the operation is performed on members of a set the result is also a member of the set, and when any two [members of the set of] whole numbers are added together the result of the addition is also a whole number which is, unsurprisingly, a member of the set of whole numbers.

What two numbers multiplied equals 91?

Assuming positive whole numbers, 7 x 13.