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Example : 85cc stands for 85 cubic centimeters. So cc means cubic centimeters.

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Cubic centimeters

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Q: What does cc stand for when you're talking about engines?
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What does cc stand for in car engines?

cubic centimetres

More cc means what?

If you are talking about small engines like motorcycles,snowmobiles,dirt bikes ect. cc would be cubic centimeters.CC is how the size of the engine is measured.More CC is a bigger engine.

What does cc stand for in Mario Kart Double Dash?

cc means "cubic centimeter." It is a way to measure the size of an engine, usually motorcycle and other smaller engines. ci means "cubic inch" and is usually used for larger engines like car engines.

What does cc stand for in a car?

CC stands for Centimeters Cubed it is the total volume of each engine cylinder multiplied by the total number of cylinders in the engine. As a result larger engines will have a higher CC value.

What does the Cc stand for?


What does cc stand for in a motorcycle?

It stands for Cubic Centimeters. It is the measure of the engines displacement or the size of the engine as most people refer to it.

What does CC stand for in CC Sabathia?

CC stands for Carsten Charles.

What does CC in an engine Capacity stand for?

CC- cubic centimeters, used mainly to measure oil capacity and engine size. Like CI (cubic inches) is used to measure the size of bigger engines.

What does the cc stand for in VW cc?

The CC in Volkswagen CC stands for "Comfort Coupe".

What does cc stand for in liquid measurement?

cc stand for cubic centimeters, which is the same as milliliters.

What does cc stand for in cc thread?

Cubic Centimeters

What is the difference between CC and liter in automobile engines?

One litre = 1000 cc

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