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A half of one tenth is one twentieth.

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Q: What fraction is half of one tenth?
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Related questions

What fraction manipulative covers one half of one fifth?

It is one tenth.

What is 1 half of 1 fifth?

One half of one fifth is one tenth. You just 'double' the denominator if you want to get half of the fraction.

What is tenth in one half?

what is half of one tenth

What is 1 tenth in a fraction?

One tenth = 1/10

What is the fraction of 10?

It is one tenth.

What is one tenth of a percent as a fraction?

One tenth of one percent = 1/1,000

How do you work out one half of one tenth?

one tenth is 0.1 half of that is 0.05 or 1/20 :)

Is one fifth half of one tenth?

No. Half of one tenth is 1/20. To get 1/5 take two 'one tenth's ie twice of one tenth is one fifth.

How do you write 2.1 in a fraction in words?

Two and one tenth.

What fraction equals one tenth inch?

It could, just possibly, be one tenth!

What is the fraction one tenth in decimal form?

One tenth = one divided by 10 = 0.1

What fraction of dollar is one dime?

one tenth

What fraction is one half of the fraction one half?


What fraction equals 0.1?

One tenth.

What is the decimal for the fraction one tenth?

0.1 :)

What fraction of one liters is 100milliliters?

A tenth

What is the math term of one tenth?

It is a fraction.

What fraction of a gram is 0.1g?

It is one tenth.

What is smaller one tenth or one half?

i think one half

What fraction one tenth is equivalent to what decimal?

One tenth = 1 / 10 or 10% or 0.1

What is the fraction for one and one half?

fraction for one and one half = 1 1/2

What is one tenth is half of one...?


One tenth is a half of what?

one fifth

Ten cenimeters is what fraction of one meter?

One tenth

What is one tenth of half a meter?

one-tenth of a half is always one-twentieth. 1/20 of a meter is 5 centimeters.