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1 cm = 0.01 meter, or 1/100 meter, so 25 cm = 25/100 of a meter.

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Q: What fraction of a meter is 25cm?
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What fraction of 1 meter is 25cm?

fraction = 25cm/100cm = 25/100

What fraction of 2 meters 25 cm?

It is: 25/200 = 1/8 simplified

What fraction of 25cm is 75cm?

75cm/25cm = 3/1, so 75cm is 3 times 25cm.

How many meter in 25cm?


How long is one fourth of a meter?


How many cm in a 0.25 meters?

One meter is 100cm so a quarter of that is 25cm. There is 25cm in 0.25m.

How many millimeters are there in a quarter of a meter?

250 mm 1/4 of a metre = 25cm 25cm = 250mm

How do you write a fraction of 25cm equals ..m?

1m = 100cm 25cm x (1m/100cm) = 0.25m

How much of a meter is 250 milimeters?

250mm = 25cm = 0.25m

How many 25cm x 38cm tiles to a square meter?

11 tiles.

What fraction of 1 metre is 25cm?

It is: 25/100 = 1/4 simplified

What fraction is 25cm of 1,5cm?

if it is 25/1.5=16.67cm OR if it is 25/15=1.67cm

25 cm equals how many meters?

25cm = 0.25m, or one quarter of a meter

How panes of glass 35cm by 25cm can be cut from a sheet which is 1 meter square?


How long is one and one fourth of a meter?

1.25 metres, 125cm or 1m 25cm

What fraction of 2m is 25cm?


What is the cost of 25cm at 1.20per meter?


What is the ratio of 25Cm to 1M?

It is: 25 cm to 1 meter = 25/100 or 1 to 4

How many 25cm in 1m?

4 of them because 4 times 25 =100cm which is the equivalent of 1 meter

What is 1 millimeter in fraction form to a meter?

A millimeter in fraction form to a meter is 1/1000.

What fraction of a meter is decimeter?

It is 1/10 of a meter

What is the area of a square whose side is 25cm in length?

25cm x 25cm = 625cm

What fraction of a meter is 1 centimeter?

There are 100 centimeters in one meter, so the fraction is 1/100

What fraction of 1 meter is 700 centimetres?

700 cm is not a fraction of 1 meter rather 700 cm is a multiple of 1 meter (7 times a meter)

What fraction of 1m is 25cm?

1/4It is 25/100 or 1/4 in its simplest form

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