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To convert a decimal into a percent, move the decimal point two places to the right: .003 = .3%

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Q: What is 0.003 as a percent?
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What is the percent of .0003?

0.0003 = 0.03%

Is .0003 per cent the same as 3 percent?


How do you write 0003?

0003 or three. If you want, you can say 'zero zero zero three'.

What is 0003 in whole number?

It is 3.

What is 0.03 divided by 100?


What is 1203am in military time?

0003 Hours

What is .0003 as a fraction?

0.0003 = 3/10000

In HorseIsle what is the interest rate?

In the forum, it says ".0003 every hour. So if you had exactly 100,000$, you'd get 30$ every real hour". This means the percent of interest every hour is .03%. So, to get your amount of interest (every real hour), multiply the amount of money in your bank by .0003.

What is .0003 as a percentage?

0.0003 as % rate:= 0.0003* 100%= 0.03%

How much is .0003 as a fraction?

0.0003 = 3/10000

What is the mass of gasoline in a 94.6 L gas tank?

.0003 cm

What fram oil filter crosses with a Kawasaki 16097-0003?

FRAM - PH6017a

How do you write. 0003 in scientific notation?

0.0003 = 3 x 10^-4

How much does a carpenter ant weigh?

The average carpenter ant weighs about .0003 lb

What is 1812 minus 1809?

0003 from January 1st, 1809 to December 31st, 1812

What is the ISBN of The Heritage of Arn?

The ISBN of The Heritage of Arn is 91-642-0003-5.

What is the interest rate for Horseisle and how do i figure out How much the money i have in the bank on Horseisle will grow in interest I have about 24 mil currently?

In the forum it says the interest rate is .0003 so times 24 mill by .0003 which is $7200 every real hour

What is the valve clearance of 2009 Honda xr 200?

The clearance it is .0002 for the intake and .0003 for the exhaust.

What are the rod bearing clearences for a 96 geo metro with a 1.3 liter?

.0003-.0006 inches

Which is a smaller number 003 or 0003?

They both equal the same as long as there are no numbers before the zeroes.

How many ants does it take to weigh a pound?

1,511,974,567 approximately each ant weights .0003 milligrams

How many ants equals a cat?

16,666,666.66666666666667 ants for a 10 pound cat. If the ant .0003 grams.

Area for 0121 797 0003?

Assuming that is a UK phone number - 0121 is the area code for the City of Birmingham.

Where is McDonald's in bangaladesh?

Bangladesh Bangladeshi town Bangladeshi street Bangladeshi corner earth coordnates : 0003:23132:2432432343

Which of these measurements has 4 significant digits 680 s 4400 mm 0003 g 1004 cm?

Only 1004.