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Depends on how many were possible. For instance on a test of 100 questions 80% would be a B.

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it is a B

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Q: What is a 80 percent letter grade?
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What letter grade is 80 percent?

A massive nippling

What is the letter grade for less than 80 percent?


What does an 80 percent letter grade equal?

that would be a solid B

What letter grade is a 73 percent?

A 73% letter grade would be a B (70% to 80%) it really all depends on the state that you live in.

What letter grade is 81 percent -?

what is 81 percent letter grade

What is eighty percent as a letter grade in most institutions of higher learning?

80 is usually a B.

Is it true that you need 80 percent attendance to complete the grade you are in?

yes 80 percent

What is a 50 percent in a letter grade?

A 50 percent in a letter grade is an F.

What is 81 percent letter grade?

what is 81 percent letter grade

What is the A- grade?

It is a range from 80-84 percent

What is 71 percent letter grade?

71 percent letter grade, depend on the university, is about a D+.

What letter grade is a 65 percent?

Typically, it is a letter grade of D+.

How do you figure your grage of 80 percent and 38 percent?

80 percent would be an A and 38 percent you failed so the grade dont really matter

What is the letter grade for a 80 percent?

That will depend on the specific grading criteria at the school. In most places it is a C+, but it could be a B-.

What letter grade is 95.6 percent?

95.6 percent is an A.

Is your GPA calculated by percent or letter grade?


What letter grade is 79 percent?

a 79 letter grade is a c :)))

Is an A 75 or 80 percent?

A grade of 'A' is usually 90% and above.

What is 82.5 percent as a letter grade?


What grade is 92 percent?

As a letter it is an A or A-

What is a 94 percent in a letter grade?


What is a grade of 88 percent in a letter grade?

thats is a b+

What is your letter grade if you got 61.5 points out of 80?

You multiply 61.5 by 100 (to find a percent). Then divide that number by 80. That would be about a 77%. That is considered a D (where I'm from).

What would your overall grade be if you got an 80 percent a 90 percent and a 80 percent?

If all three tests are worth the same amount of the final grade,then your average is 83.3 percent.We hope it's not in Math.

What letter grade is 97 percent?

Generally 90-100 % will give you letter grade A

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