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A number to the power 1 is that number. For instance 2 to the power 1 (written here as 2^1) is 2.






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A single power of 3

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what is the answer to -6 3 x 6 1

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Q: What is a single power in maths?
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What was the name of the person who created maths?

There was no single person.

What is index in maths?

It's the number power.

What is a power in maths terms?

second or third

What has the author Philip Power written?

Philip Power has written: 'Maths'

What does the little 5 mean in maths?

To the power of five.

Is Back to the Future education or maths power suing maths worldwide?

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What is the term Linear in maths?

Resembling, represented by, or consisting of a line or lines. Examples in maths: linear equation: A linear equation is an algebraic equation in which each term is either a constant or the product of a constant and (the first power of) a single variable. Typical linear equation:

What what is 3 raised to the sixth power in maths?

36 = 729

What is the largest one digit no in maths?

9 if you mean only a single digit

How do you describe fully a single transformation in maths?

It depends on the kind of transformation.

What is the mean in maths of 969?

The mean of a single number is the number itself. So the answer is 969.

What does the word power mean in maths?

It means an exponent. For example, "six to the power of four" means 64

Who is the inventor of maths formulae?

There is no single mathematical formula and no single inventor. Furthermore, there are sometimes different (though equivalent) formulaefor the same calculation.

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Who created and invented the multiplication sign?

Multiplication is invented by Human. Maths is not invention of single individual. Many Mathematicians around world discovered and invented new things and added them into Maths.

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They can measure a lun power is called single phase power factor meter.

What is a single power?


What does giga mean in maths?

In computer Math, Giga is 2 raised to power of 30 bytes.

How old was Hitler when he voted for the power?

i presume you mean came to power? He became fuhrer in 1933. he was born 1879. ehhh cbf maths

What are concurrent lines in maths?

Any 3 or more lines are said to be concurrent lines if they pass through a single point.

Do most homes have single phase power?

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What is 1100 as a single power?

It is 11001.

What is the exponent of 5x5x5x5x5x5?

It is: 5 to the power of 6

How do you get out of maths?

by clearing exam of maths.

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