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5000 meters equals 5 km which is bigger than 3 km

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Q: What is bigger 3km or 5000 m?
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Which is larger 3km or 5000 m?

It is the latter

Is 3 km bigger or 5000 m is bigger?

5000 m is greater.

Which one is bigger 3km 4000 m?

No. 4000m is 4km.

Which is bigger 20 m or 5000 cm?

5000 cm is the same as 50 m, so it is bigger than 20 m.

Which is bigger 3 km or 5000 m?

It is the latter because 5000 m = 5 km

What is greater 3 km or 5000 m?

5000m is greater = 5km so is 2km more than 3km

Is 5000m bigger than 3km?

Yes, because 5000m is 5km, so that is bigger than 3km.

Is 300m bigger than 3km?

No. 3km is 3000m, so it is 10 times larger.

Which one is bigger 3 km or 5000 m?

3 km = 3 x 1000 = 3000 m which is less than 5000 m

Which is bigger 3 kilometers or 5000 meters?

5,000 meters because 5,000 m=5 and it is a good thing

Is 3km bigger than 5000 meters?

No, 1 km is equal too 1000 meters. So 3 km would be equal to 3000 meters.

How is 6200 m bigger than 5 km?

5km = 5000m and 6200 is bigger than 5000

What is bigger three km or 5000 m?

There are 1000 meters in a kilometer. So the 5000 meters would be longer.

How long is 3km in meters?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1 km=1000 m 3km=3000 m

Which Is longer 3 km or 2900m?

3km 1km=1000m so that means: 3km=3000m 3000m is bigger than 2900m.

Which is bigger 3km or 5000m?

there are 1000 metres in 1 kilometer, this means that there are 3000m in 3 km, so do the math and you will see that 5000 metres is the larger of the two. 5000m = 5km

Is 38.5 greater than 10 cm?

it is = in fact it is the same as 3km and 5000 cm

How many meters are in a 3km race?

3000 m

How far short of 3km is 2430m?

570 m

Which is bigger 3 km bigger 4000m real answers?

4000m is bigger. 3km means 3000m therefore 4000 meters is bigger than 3000 meters the "km" means kilometers and the "m" means meters... the "km" is a factor of 103

How many m equal 3 km?

3km = 3,000m

What does 3 km equal to in m?

3km equals 3000m

5000 m km?

5000 m = 50,000

Is 5000 cm bigger than 5 m?

Yes. 5,000 cm equals 50 meters.

Which is longer 3km or 90m?

3km X 1000 m/km = 3000m, which is longer than 90m; so 3 km is longer.

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