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congurent angles are angles that have equal angles. Example, if you want to have equal angles, you have to have a shape that has equal sides

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angles that r congurent

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Q: What is congurent angles?
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What is a polygon with all sides and angles congurent?


What is a polygon with all angles congurent?

Any regular polygon.

What triangle has all sides and angles congurent?

An equilateral triangle.

How many congurent angles does a eqalateral trianle have?

An equilateral triangle has 3 equal interior angles each measureing 60 degrees

Is a triangles angles congurent?

They are if the triangle happens to be an equilateral one and they're all 60 degrees. Otherwise, no.

Does a parallelogram have opposite sides that are congurent?

Yes. A parallelogram has congruent opposite sides as well as congruent opposite angles.

If the measure of one angle of triangle is 115 degrees the other two angles are congurent what is the measures of each angle?

32.5 degree each

What does congurent mean?


How can you find if shapes are congurent?

if they are proportional

What is a congurent half?

A congurent half is the same as a line of symetry. It is a half that is the same shape, size and length as the other half

Does a square have 4 congurent sides?

Yes it does.

What triangle has 3 congurent sides?


What is a parallolgram with all sides congurent?

a rhombus

What has 4 faces and all sides are congurent?

A square has that.

What is a triangle with all sides congurent?

an equilateral triangle

What is the definition of non-congurent?

Not similar in shape or size

Are the oposite faces of a rectangular prism congurent?


What is a real life application of congurent angles?

There are countless. For instance, take a look at any bridge. If the angles are not congruent, then BOOM, the whole thing will come down. It will exert to much force on a certain part of the bridge. CivilEngineers need to make sure that the angles are congruent, even to 0.01 degrees. That's just one example.

A triangle with at least two congurent sides?

Isosceles triangle

Are all 10 cm line segments congurent?


The slant height of a pyramid and the altitude of a pyramid are congurent?


What congurent angle looks like?

The have the same angular measure.

What shape has one rectangle and two pairs of congurent triangles?

A rhombus

A parallelogram with four congurent sides?

A rhombus, or, if there is a right angle, a square.

Can similar triangles be congruent if they are not the same size?

no congurent means equal