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They are the same.

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Q: What is greater 0.4 or 0.40?
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Is 04 the same as 040?

No, 04 = 4 whereas 040 = 40. You usually do not put a zero before a non-zero number unless you are using a decimal point. If you meant to use a decimal point, then .04 and .040 are equal although the latter is considered to be more precise because it is accurate to 2 decimal places wheras the former is accurate to only one decimal place.

Is .04 greater than .009?

Yes, .04 is greater than .009

What is 040 in words?

040 = forty

Is .04 greater than .35?

No, it is not.

What gauge aluminum is .040 inch thick?

.040 is 18 Gauge

When was Greater Need created?

Greater Need was created on 1996-06-04.

Which is greater .04 or .01?

0.04 is 4 times greater than 0.01

Which is greater 0.04 or 0.08?


Is 0.98 greater than 0.94?

yes by .04

What is 643x1280?

The answer is 823 040.

Is 04 equal less or greater than 050?

04 = 4 is less than 050 = 50

Which is greater 004 or 04?

They both have the same value of 4

Is .02 greater than .04?

0.02 + 0.02 = 0.04

When was God Is Greater than Man created?

God Is Greater than Man was created on 2007-04-17.

What percent is .040?

0.040 is 4%

What is Toyota color 040?


How do you write 040 in words?


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How much is .040 of 1000?


What is the proper gap for a champion RN11YC4 spark plug?

Depends on usage, should be around .040 inchDepends on usage, should be around .040 inch

Is 04 greater or less than 1 half?

I am amusing you mean 0.4 in which case no. If you mean 04 then yes.04=4 1 half=0.5

What is 040 of an inch equal in mm?

To convert from inches to mm, you must multiply by 25.4.

What is the proper spark plug setting for a 2000 harley Davidson sportster XL 1200 standard?

.040 is rcommended gap .040

Is 04 greater than 1 half?

no its .46 less than half

What is .040 as a fraction?

It is: 1/25 simplified

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Is 0.4 greater than or less than 0.40?

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