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It is 33.3%, rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent.

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25 in a half

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Q: What is one third as a percentage?
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What is one third in percentage?

The percentage for one third is 33%.

What is the percentage of one third?

33 one third

What is one and one-third expressed as a percentage?

One and one third = 133.33...%

What is one-third as a percentage?


What is a third of 100 in a percentage?

One third of 100 is 33.33%

How much is one third as a percentage?


What percentage is one third of a hundred?


What is 4 and one third as a percentage?


How do you convert one third into percentage?

i t is 33%

What is forty three and one third as a percentage?


How do you write one third as a percentage?

1/3 written as a percentage is 33 and 1/3%

What is one third percent of 240?

You mean what is the percentage of a third of 240? If so it's 33.33333333333...%

What percentage is equivalent to one third?

33 1/3 % ≈ 33.33 % is the percentage equal to 1/3.

What is 1 and 1 third as a percentage?

1 and one third is equal to 133.333333333 reccurring (never ending) %

What percentage of senators are up for re-election?

Almost one third.

What is the percentage increase from 60000 to 80000?

Thirty-three and one third %

What is one-third as a decimal and a percent?

0.33 in decimal 33.33% in percentage

What percentage of an acre is 14520 square feet?

One third of an acre or 33.33%

What percentage is equal to one third?

Expressed as a percentage, 1/3 is equal to 33.3 recurring (that is, 33.3333 ect) percent.

What percentage of the Earth surface is desert?

A third of the earth's land surface is covered by deserts.

What percentage of the suns energy does earths surface absorb directly or indirectly?

one third

What percentage of pedestrians 16 years and older in 2004 were impaired?

one third, 36%

What is the percentage of obesity?

More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese.

What percentage of Germanys land is forest?

one third of Germany is wood land believe it or not

What percentage of high school athletes go to a 1a college?

Around one third