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When we'll be cutting diagonally, it will be leaving extra spaces

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if u cut it in half diagonally, u get 2 triangles

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Q: What is rectangle cut in half diagonally?
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How is a triangle and rectangle alike?

They are both polygon. If you cut a rectangle diagonally, you will have two triangles. And if you want to figure out the area of a right triangle, you can treat it as a rectangle and then cut your calculation in half to get the correct answer.

Is it true if you cut a rectangle in half diagonally creates two is two isosceles triangles?

yes it is true

If you cut a square in half which best describes it?

A rectangle.

How can you draw a rectangle with 3 lines?

cut in half

Can rectangle cut in half become a square?

That depends on its dimensions.

What solid figure would you get if you cut a rectangle in half?

If you cut a rectangle in half you wouldn't get a solid figure at all, since a rectangle is a plane figure. If you made a straight line cut you would get either a triangle or a quadrilateral of some variety depending on exactly how the cut was made.

How could you make a trapezoid out of a rectangle in one cut?

fold it in half and cut it the corners

If you cut a rectangle in half does it make a square?

No. There is no way you can cut one rectangle in half and only get one square. The other half would also have to be a square and this will only happen if the proportions are 1:2 and you cut the long sides.There are infinitely many ways to cut a rectangle in half none of which result in new rectangles. Only if the rectangle has proportions 1:2 can cutting it in half make a square, in fact the result could be two squares, not one.

Dividing a rectangle in half diagonally always produces two equal triangles?

Yes, two equal right-angle triangles.

How many lines of symmetry do squares have?

The square has four lines of symmetry. The rectangle has only two, as it can be folded in half horizontally or vertically: students should be encouraged to try to fold the rectangle in half diagonally to see why this does not work.

Can an rectangles be cut half in to vertically or horizontally?

Yes, you can cut a rectangle any way you please.

How do you cut a rectangle in half?

With a knife scissors or anything else in that area!

Is a rectangle a special type of square?

yes, because if you cut the rectangle in half it would make 2 squares

How do you cut a carrot diagonially?

yes you can cut a carrot diagonally.

How do you find distance diagonally across a rectangle?


How do you find the square of a rectangle?

To find a Square in a rectangle first you have to:Make sure the rectangle is Flat.Draw a line straight and exactly in the middle.There you have your two squares in your Rectangle!So just cut a Rectangle in half!

Can a rectangle be cut in half vertically or horizontally to make two congruent rectangles?


Can all rectangles be cut in half vertically or horizontally to make 2 congruent rectangle?


What is the hypotenuse of a 40 x 60 rectangle?

By splitting the rectangle into half diagonally, we obtain two right triangles with sides 40 and 60. Using Pythagorean theorem, we obtain approximately 72.11 as the hypotenuse of both of them.

Can a rectangle be split evenly diagonally?

Only in the case of the square (squares are rectangles).

What figure can be bisected diagonally to make two right triangles?

A square or rectangle.

Will a rectangle cut in half make two rectangles or two squares?

It will make two squares.

Can all rectangle be cut in half vertically or horizontally to make two congruent rectangles?


How do you draw a square from a triangle with same area?

A right-angle triangle is half of a square or rectangle. Draw a square or rectangle and draw a line from one corner to the corner diagonally opposite. You now have two triangles of the same area.

What is a Square cut diagonally?

Its a right-angle triangle