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As an algebraic expression, six less than a number p is simply: p-6

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is six less than a number p?
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What is 3 less than the square of a number p?


10 less than the quotient of 5 and a number p?

5/p - 10.

What is 5 less than a number p is -17 as an equation?


What is 2 less than p?


How do you write 9 less than 4 times a number p is greater than 15?

4p - 9 > 15

What is 6 less than p equal?


What is 15 less than p as an expression?


If the sum of the factors of 18 is S and the sum of the prime numbers less than 18 is P then P excedes S by what number?


5 less than the product of 3 and p?


8 less than a number p times 22?

Expressed algebraically, this is equal to 22p - 8.

6p less than or equal to 24?

p is less than or equal to 4

What is a variable expression for 2 less than p?

It is: p-2

Translate the verbal phrase into an expression 3 less than the square of a number p?


Throw a dice and toss a coin what is the probability that a number less than 3 and a tail result?

p(a) = 1/3, p(b) = 1/2, p(a and b) = p(a)*p(b) = 1/6

Solve this inequality 3p - 16 is less than 20?

p is less than 12.

What is a comparative operator?

Comparative operators are used to compare the logical value of one object with another and thus establish the rank (ordering) of those objects. There are six comparative operators in total: p<q : evaluates true when p is less than q p>q : evaluates true when p is greater than q p<=q : evaluates true when p is less than or equal to q p>=q : evaluates true when p is greater than or equal to q p!=q : evaluates true when p is not equal to q p==q : evaluates true when p is equal to q

What is the value of a 1988 donruss nolan Ryan p astros baseball card number 61?

Less than 75 cents.

Is the p-value of 0.161 less than 0.02?

It is greater.

What is the answer to Pless than 5?

Assuming the question refers to P less than 5, the answer is P can have any value that is less than five within the domain of P.For example, if P is an integer, P can be 4 or -1 but it cannot be 1.3If P is rational, it can also be 1.3 but it cannot be sqrt(1.3).

What is 5 greater than or equal to p minus 3?

It is an inequality than can be solved for p: 5 ≥ p - 3 → p - 3 ≤ 5 → p ≤ 8 So any value less than, or equal to, 8 will do for p.

How can you tell if a fraction is less than equal to or less than one half?

If the signs of the numerator and denominator are different then the fraction is less than 0 and, therefore, obviously less than one half.If the signs are the same then if the absolute value of the numerator is less than or equal to half the absolute value of the denominator, then the fraction is less than or equal to one half.Algebraically,p/q

Can six electrons exist in a p orbital?

yes, p orbital can have only 6 electrons but not more than that

Which is the smallest positive prime which is some multiple of seven less than a cube of a counting number less than 10?

Let's call the prime p, the multiple 7n, and the counting number c. So: p = c3 - 7n, p > 1, 0 < c < 10, n > 0 c can't be 1 or 2, since p and n have to be positive. c = 3, then p = 27 - 7n n = 2, then p = 13 So, the smallest prime that meets the conditions is 13.

Is 100 centimeters more or less than one meter?


What number has 6 factors is a multiple of 4 and is less than 1?

The concept of the number of factors is appropriate only with positive integers. Otherwise, if p is a factor of the given number n, do you also count -p? That would double the number of factors. So are there 3 factors or 6?

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