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The answer will depend on the degree to which the number is rounded. Without any indication of that, it is not possible to answer the question sensibly.

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Rounded to the nearest ten it is 490, Rounded to the nearest hundred it is 500

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To the nearest ten, 490

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Q: What is the number round off 486?
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Is 486 a prime number?

486 is a composite number.

What does 486 round to the nearest 100?

It is: 500

What is 486 round to what?

To the nearest hundred, 500

What number is divisible by 486?

486, 972, 1458, 1944, and all of the other multiples of 486 are divisible by 486.

What number is nine times as large as 54?

It is: 9*54 = 486

What legendary Pokemon in pearl is number 486?

No. 486 is Regigigas.

What Pokemon is number 486?

#486 is Regigigas, the Colossal Pokemon.

Is the number 486 divisible by 6?

Yes, 486 / 6 = 81

What are pokedex number 486 and 489?

486 is regigigas and 489 is darkrai

How do you round off decimals?

If the decimal is .5 or greater you round up. Such as if a number is 7.5 you round it off to 8.

What is the greatest number to round off to 26000?

which number will round up to 26000

0.472 round off?

When you round off the number 0.472 to the hundredths place you get 0.47. If you round it off to the tenths place, it would be 0.5.

What legendary Pokemon in platinum is number 486?

the 486 legendary is yo mama @#$%@

What is the answer the least number that can be round off to 300?

what is it

What is the round off number of 1.875?


What numbers go into 486?

What numbers go into 486?2 and 243 are just two of the many number that will go into 486.

How do you round off these 32.426to the number of significant digits?

how to round off these 32.426 to the numberof significant digits

What is the number 486 in the pokedex?


What Pokemon is number 486 in Pokemon Diamond?

Regigigas. He is number 486 on the National Pokedex, but has no Regional Pokedex number. He can be found in the Snowpoint Temple.

84.732 round off?

If you round 84.732 to the nearest whole number, the answer is 85.

738.29 round off?

If you round 738.29 to the nearest whole number, the answer is 738.

What is 56.1 round off?

If you round 56.1 to the nearest whole number, the answer is 56.

What is the round number of 315 to the nearest ten?


To increase or decrease a number to the nearest whole number?

To round off the number.

What is the number if you round off 2.48 to the nearest whole number?