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== == There is no set probability for every 3-point shot. Every player has their own 3-point percentage, which is simply the number of 3-point shots made divided by the number of 3-point shots attempted. The average three point percentage is around 35%, while the generally high percentages are around 45%. Last I looked, the best 3-point percentage in the NBA was somewhere around 48%, which is ridiculously good. They give them 3 points for a reason; it's a very difficult shot to make with any measure of consistency. For the NBA (which has a longer 3 point shot than in college) an average shooting percentage is about 25%, while a good shooter may hit between 36 and 42%. Anything over this is extremely accurate, left to players who are considered shooting specialists who only shoot the ball when they are wide open. Scorers who must shoot often even if they are well defended often shoot a lesser percentage despite being considered accurate. Kobe Bryant currently shoots 36% from 3pt range.

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Q: What is the shot percentage of making a 3-point shot?
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What is the shot percentage of making a free throw?

59 percent

Does a missed shot due to a foul count against a players shot percentage in basketball?

No, the thought being that the foul did not allow the player to have a fair attempt at making the shot.

Will shot percentage change do to shot distance?

Obviously the further away from the basket you are, the higher the degree of difficulty. Therefore lowering your odds in making the shot. Was this a serious question?

What is an circus shot in Basketball?

A circus basketball shot is typically a one-hand, off balance throw and has a low percentage chance of making it in.

Who a better 3point shooter bird or ray allen?

ray allen has hit almost 1000 more three pointers and has a higher percentage.

What is 3point shot?

A basket made when the player shoots from behind the line drawn on the floor - 21 feet or so from the basket (different lengths for college, international and NBA courts).

Is the 3 point shot the highest percentage shot in the nba?

NO, it is the lowest percentage shot because it is harder to make go in the basket. the paint is the high percentage shot u would want to take

Does the dunk or lay-up have the highest percentage shot in the league?

Generally speaking, the highest percentage shots are the ones closest to the basket while not being opposed by a defender close by. The dunk is almost a sure thing, while layups are missed periodically. Dunks have a higher percentage in shot making. Dunking is the highest percentage shot in the NBA if you are unopposed to the basket, and if you can jump high enough to cleanly throw the ball into the hoop.

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How far is college 3point line?

19 feet 9 inches

What is the average shot percentage for a 2 point shot in basketball?

it is about 35 percent

Who sank the first 3point field goal in collage basketball?

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