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The surface area of the pyramid is superfluous to calculating the slant height as the slant height is the height of the triangular side of the pyramid which can be worked out using Pythagoras on the side lengths of the equilateral triangle:

side² = height² + (½side)²

→ height² = side² - ¼side²

→ height² = (1 - ¼)side²

→ height² = ¾side²

→ height = (√3)/2 side

→ slant height = (√3)/2 × 9cm = 4.5 × √3 cm ≈ 7.8 cm.


However, the surface area can be used as a check:

140.4 cm² ÷ (½ × 9 cm × 7.8 cm) = 140.4 cm² ÷ 35.1 cm² = 4

So the pyramid comprises 4 equilateral triangles - one for the base and 3 for the sides; it is a tetrahedron.

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a pyramid has all sides that are equilateral triangles. Each triangle has side lengths of 9 centimeters. If the surface area of the pyramid is 140.4 square centimeters, what is the slant height of the pyramid?

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7.8 cm

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Q: What is the slant height of a pyramid that has all sides as equilateral triangles with sides of length of 9 cm and the surface area of the pyramid is 140.4 square cm?
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How do you find surface area of an equilateral triangles?

Area = 0.5*base*perpendicular height

A shape having the same dimensions of length and height and width?

Cube, equilateral pyramid, and sphere.

If a square pyramid has a base of 6.3 meters and a height of 4 meters what is the surface area?

To find the height of the triangles on the sides of the pyramid, we use pythagorean theorem. We slice vertically through the center of the pyramid to find a triangle with base of 6.3 and height of 4. Using the pythagorean theorem, we can find that each side of this triangle will be sqrt(42+3.152). This will be the height of the triangles on the sides of the pyramid, let's call it h.So, the area of each triangle will be 1/2*6.3*h. There are 4 of these triangles.The area of the base of the pyramid will be 6.32The total surface area of the pyramid will be SA = 2*6.3*sqrt(42+3.152)+6.32SA ~= 103.84 m2

What is the surface area of a regular pyramid with a slant height of 21 and a base of 5?

It is impossible to answer the question without knowing the shape of the base, which will determine how many sloped triangles there are.

What is the height of an equilateral triangle with the side lengths of 18 center meters?

In effect an equilateral triangle is made up of two right angle triangles joined together so use Pythagoras' theorem to find the height:- 182-92 = 243 and the square root of this will be the height of the equilateral triangle which is about 15.588 cm

What is a formula for finding surface area of triangle base prymid?

Area of a triangle = (base x height)/2 If the pyramid is made up of four identical triangles then it's surface area will be 2 x base x height. Remeber the height is the distance from the base of a triagle to the oposite point.

What is the height of an equilateral triangle with a length of x?

Cutting the equilateral triangle in half results in two right triangles each with a base of length x/2, and angles of 30, 60, and 90 degrees. Using the lengths of sides of a 30-60-90 triangle it can be found that the height is (x/2)√(3), which is the same as the height of the equilateral triangle.So the height of the equilateral triangle is x√(3) / 2.

What is the formula for a square pyramid?

Volume: If it's a square-based pyramid then its just "the base times the height, divided by 3" or in short b2h/3 where b is one side of the base. and h is height. Surface area: 2bs+b2 where s is the perpendicular height from the bottom of any one of the triangles, to the top of the tip.

Find the surface area of the pyramid. The side lengths of the base are equal?

A pyramid is a generic term used to describe a polyhedron with a polygonal base and triangles rising from that base to meet at an apex. The polygonal base can have any number, n, of sides, provided that n>2. There is, therefore, no information about the number of lateral faces in the pyramid. Also, the surface area of a pyramid depends on its height and there is no information whatsoever about its height. It is, therefore, impossible to answer such an underspecified question.

What is the surface area of a pyramid with the base of 6 and the height of 8?


What does a square based pyramid look like?

the base is a 2-d square with joined triangles, meeting together to make a corner at the top, the triangles height can be any height, or the square can be any size

What is the area of equilateral triangles with sides of 10 inches and heigth of 7 inches?

Using Pythagoras' theorem it is impossible for an equilateral triangle with equal sides of 10 inches to have a height of 7 inches.

What is the area of an pentagon?

divide the pentagon into 5 equilateral triangles, and calculate their area. (base times height divided by 2) and when you have your answer, multiply it by 5.

What is the surface area of the right square pyramid in square meters?

It depends on the dimensions of the base and the height (slant or vertical) of the pyramid.

If each side of the equilateral triangle measures 9c find the height of the triangle?

The area of a triangle is one-half the product of the triangle's base and height. The height of an equilateral triangle is the distance from one vertex along the perpendicular bisector line of the opposite side. This line divides the equilateral triangle into two right triangles, each with a hypotenuse of 9c and a base of (9/2)c. From the Pythagorean theorem, the height must be the square root of {(9c)2 - [(9/2)c]}, and this height is the same as that of the equilateral triangle.

How do you work out the trigonometry of a rectangular based pyramid?

The answer depends on what you wish to work out: the angles, height, surface area, volume. Also, you need more information: the vertical or inclined height and whether or not the pyramid is a right pyramid.

How do you find the base of an equilateral triangle when given only the height?

An equilateral triangle can be divided in half (along the height or altitude) into two right triangles (30° 60° 90°). The hypotenuse will be equal to one side. The two legs will be equal to the height and 1/2 of a side.So height = side * (√3)/2, and side = height*2/(√3) = (height*2*√3) / 3{Approx: 1.1547 * height}

Surface area of square pyramid?

u get 1/2 an d mulitiply it by the base and the height

What is the surface area of a square pyramid when 4 is the side length and 13 as the slant height?


What are the properties of isosceles triangles?

All isosceles triangles: - Have angles that add up to 180 degrees - Have two equal sides. The unequal side is called the base. - Have equal base angles. - Have areas and perimeters that can be found using the formulas Area=1/2 X (base X height) and Perimeter=side+side+side An equilateral triangle with a right angle is called a right isosceles triangle. Also, all equilateral triangles are isoceles triangles, but not all isosceles triangles are right triangles.

What is the mathematical formula for calculating the surface area of a truncated pyramid?

To calculate the surface area of a truncated pyramid, you first take the surface area of each side. That would be the base time the straight height. If it is a 4 side pyramid with equivelant sides, multiply that answer by 4.

What is the formula to find the area of pyramid?

It has to do with the surface area formula: To find the total surface area of a pyramid, use this equation: Surface Area = B + 1/2 * P * s B = base area P = perimeter of the base s = slant height To find the volume of a Pyramid, substitute into this equation: V=1/3Bh B=base area h=height of pyramid

When you see a picture of a right pyramid with a regular polygon base how do you identify its height and its slant height?

Its vertical height is that of the perpendicular from the centre of the base to the apex; the slant height is the length of the sloping "corner" between two faces. The height of a regular pyramid is the vertical distance from the center of base to the top and is usually shown with a line perpendicular to the base, denoted with a right angle to the base. The slant height it the height of the lateral face (the triangles) from the edge of the base to the top of the pyramid. It is the height of the triangle, not the pyramid itself. The slant height will also be the hypotenuse of a right angle formed from the altitude of the pyramid and the distance from the center of the base to the edge.

How to find the surface area of a triangular based pyramid?

Surface area of any pyramid is 1/2Pl + B; where P=perimeter of the base, l=slant height and B= Area of the base.

How do you find lateral area of a pyramid?

If it is a regular pyramid you need to find out the base perimeter, multiply it by the height of the sides (when considered as triangles) and divide by two. The height of the side can be found using Pythagoras's formula if you know the height of the pyramid and the length of a side. The side height of a pyramid is also known as the slanted height or L in a formula. Formula:permiter of base x L(side height) ( P of B)(L) p x L(slant) ----------------------------------------- = --------------------- 2 2 Good luck!