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1/4 (one fourth)

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Q: What is two thirds of seven eights?
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What Seven eights minus two thirds?

five twentyfourths

Is seven eights greater or less than two thirds?


What is greater two thirds or five eights?

two thirds

What is two-thirds divided by seven-eights?

2/3 ÷ 7/8 = 16/21

Is two eighths or two thirds bigger?

2 eights

How many two thirds are in seven eights?

There are: 7/8 divided by 2/3 = 21/16 or 1.3125

What is two thirds of five eights?


What five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth?

Five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth is equal to 1.04

How many eighths equal two thirds?

Sixteen eights equal two thirds

What is two thirds plus three eights?

Either 24 and 2 thirds or 1 and a 24th, depending on whether you meant eights or eighths.

Which is bigger the fraction two eights or seven thirty two?

two eights :)

Is the largest number two thirds or three eights?

two thirds = 0.666 while three eighths = 0.375 therefore two thirds is larger by far

If Marcia has seven eights of a pound of candy she gives two fifths of it to lucinda how much candy does she have left?

the answer is to the question ' Marcia has seven eights of a pound of candy she gives two fifths of it to lucinda how much candy does she have left?' is five thirds left.

What is 7 and two-thirds times three-eights?


What is fourteen two thirds divided by four one eights?


What is two-thirds add four-eights?

1 and 1/6

Is three eights greater than two thirds?

No. Two thirds (2/3) is larger than three eights (3/8). The lowest common multiple (LCM) of the two denominators is 24. Therefore, two thirds can become sixteem twentyforths (16/24) and three eights nine twentyforths (9/24)

One and two thirds times two and three eights?

One and two thirds = 5/3 Two and three eights = 19/8 Reduced... the answer is 23/6 As a mixed number.... 3 5/6

What is greater seven twelfths or two thirds?

two thirds

Is four thirds bigger than seven eights?

Yes 4/3 > 7/8

What is four and two thirds divided by seven?

I get two thirds. its 0.6666666666666666666666666666667 OR two thirds!

What is nine and two thirds minus three and three eights?


What is seven eights minus two eights?

[56-16] forty.40

What is two thirds plus one half plus two thirds?

Seven thirds

What is six and two thirds minus four and seven eights?

Expressed as a decimal, 6 2/3 - 4 7/8 = 1.7916 recurring (that is, 1.7916666..)