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What number and letter mean anticipate

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Q: What number and letter mean anticipate?
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What are words that mean anticipation that start with the letter A?


What is the silent letter in the word anticipate?


What does it mean You will look forward to it?

If you look forward to something you anticipate it. I anticipate going to the mall.

what does the word Anticipate meanย ?

to realizebeforehand;to expect

What words that start with A mean to look forward to?


What does preiction mean?

Prediction-what you anticipate will happen in the future.

What is anticipate in tagalog?

The word "anticipate" when translated in Tagalog or Filipino (national language of the Philippines) would simply mean "umasa", "umasam", "maghintay".

What does anticipate the result mean?

To "anticipate" means to expect or predict. So a person who anticipated the lottery result would be the person who would win the jackpot.

What does anticipated mean?

It means expected, or awaited. To 'anticipate' something is to 'expect' it or 'predict' it in the future. For instance if someone throws you a ball you have to anticipate where it will be in order for you to catch it. Alternatively if you have done something naughty, you can anticipate that your mother will be cross when she finds out.

What does the numeral I mean?

Letter I is number 1

Where do experts anticipate that biological terrorist attacks will occur?

Experts anticipate that biological terrorist attacks are the most likely to occur, and will have the greatest impact on the greatest number of people.

Is anticipate a Verb?

Yes, the word "anticipate" is a verb.

Is anticipate a verb noun or adjective?

Anticipate is a verb.

What does forsee mean?

It means to predict and anticipate upcoming events.

What does the letter x mean in algebra?

An unknown number

What number and letter mean ahead of or in front of?


What does the letter n mean in maths?

Usually the letter n stands for number, and it means some unspecified number.

How do you put anticipate in a sentence?

I anticipate that it will rain next week.

What is the answer to number 65 in impossible quiz?

I would anticipate there being no correct answer; it is after all the impossible quiz.

Can you Make the sentence using anticipate and expect?

When do you anticipate his arrival- When do you expect him-

What does the phrase be proactive mean?

To be proactive is to anticipate what needs to be done and to act accordingly; in advance of the need.

What does the labeled letter and number on a fire extinguisher mean?

LETTER- type of fire it will extinguish NUMBER- capacity. Higher the number, the bigger the fire it can extinguish.

What is six letter word that mean shows how many?


What does non numeric mean?

Not a letter or number .It is Special Character

What does 12687 mean?

the letter D if you type it on a number pad